Vibes for d’ Day

Roses are red. 🌹

Violets are blue. 💙

These fishes are cute – and so are you! 🐠 😆💖


Precious and Gold

On a quiet starry night, you locked yourself in a room. 

Enjoying the moment, letting yourself lost in the gloom. 

With your damp eyes, you will fall asleep soon. 

With your only companion, no one but the moon. 
In the middle of the night, 

You’re hugging yourself so tight. 

No one would ever know your sight, 

And there’s no wrong, there’s no right. 
Whatever manner the world has treated you,

Remember that there are still some beautiful view. 

Whatever judgement they have told, 

They can’t bring you down, you have a strong hold.
You might stumble and be shaken, 

And from that point, you will be awaken. 

You have to be still, but don’t let yourself be silent. 

Stand and show off to the world your real talent. 
Amidst of the darkness lurking around. 

Let the fire burning within you make a loud sound. 

You are more than precious and gold than what you think you are. 

You can even stand and put up a good fight against a war. 
The harsh rain of the night will bother and give you trouble. 

But the blinding shining rays of the sun will make you noble. 

And from here on, you will find a new strength, with a new hope and courage. 

Your spirit will dance in delight, spreading warmth all throughout. 
You will smile, ready to give a go. 

Your eyes are blazing anew, different from a while ago. 

Within you, something is about to boom. 

You are more than precious and gold, you are now ready to blossom and bloom. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73
Hello everyone. I’m feeling good tonight. Thank you for dropping by on my blog!  I hope this piece of poetry will also make y’all feeling good and better. It’s my intention after all. If it wouldn’t be a bother, I hope you could also visit some of my works and I’ll be always happy to hear what you think of them. Have a great day and God bless. 

The Sweetest Freedom

“We are masterpieces created by the Greatest Creator of the universe.”

In our lives, we often take that fact for granted. Like nothing is so special on how God created us and has given us such a significant life to live. 

Problems, hardships, trials and obstacles are always there, making us struggle with pain and fears inside insidiously making its way all through our being, ready to eat us whole. 

The positive side amidst of all those negativity which surround us, is that we always have the freedom to decide what and how to react in combating these every day depressive things. We have the freedom to create. It is the sweetest freedom. Create what we want to happen in our lives. 

Start with your mind. You can create positive thoughts at the beginning of the day, like telling yourself, “I’m going to enjoy this day”. On that particular moment, you are already programming your whole system that whatever comes on your way for that particular day, you are ready enough so as not to be letting yourself down, moping around. 

Create your mood. You are free to decide and create what you want to feel in a certain situation you where in. You’re sad, then find a laughter around you and even inside you, it helps. It really does. Just create it. You will feel much better and ready again to face whatever saddening things are on your way. Try it and you will see. 

Create the desires of your heart. As a unique individual among billions of people in the entire world, you have been given such gifts and talents within you, maybe they are already been out and you just have to make improvements and progress to make it better or maybe some still needs to be harnessed. But the important thing is that whatever you have at the moment, use it, make wonderful works out of it. Create. Make use of your talents. Create your own Forte. Create your niche in this world. 

It is true, scientifically speaking or not, we always have the capacity and abilities to create our own reality. 

“You are what you believe you are.”

Our body does have limitations, our minds does not have. You have dreams, dreams so great enough that sounds crazy to some people who don’t give a care on how human beings were created in a profound manner. Create your path towards those dreams. Create the reality where you want to be get stuck happily for a lifetime here on earth. 

“You have visions, create its blueprint and start making little steps to progress. And the most important thing to remember in the process is that, you can’t stop. You don’t stop and you must not stop.”

I have once read a beautiful paragraph coming from a 1994 inaugural speech that it is not the darkness within us that we are afraid of. Instead, it’s the light. Like who are we not to be brilliant, talented and fabulous? Where in fact, actually, who are we NOT to be? 

The Greatest Creator created us and our playing small does not serve the world. There is no good in shrinking ourselves so that other people won’t feel unsure around us. 

Remember, we are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us, because we are His masterpieces, and He is our Greatest Creator. He will always guide us and be with us in our every step ahead. 

So with everything that is within us, we have to make use of them. In the face of all the drowning forces, we must stand. We must not be afraid to go out of our comfort zone. We must take the risks. Create our forte. Create our own niches. Create the reality that we want. Create the desires of our hearts. Create. Just don’t stop. Life is full of uncertainties, yes, that’s why we must do everything to enjoy every bit of it. 

You must not stop yourself to shine oh so bright. 

You are gorgeous. 

You are talented. 

You are fabulous. 

Create. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73

Guten tag! It’s been a while again my dear friends. I’ve been dealing with lots of things on the past few weeks and it’s really a good thing to post again. I hope you like what I wrote and mostly, may it be some of help to you guys, as it is for me. Writing this does really help me too. Have a great day in wherever you are across the world. God bless! 😊 

Forced into Collaboration

In a world wherein group projects, team works, partners in reporting, paper works in three, it is undeniable – collaboration always takes place. 

In our society, since we are born into this world, we are oblige to collaborate and establish a harmonious kind of relationship with  the people around us, whether we like it or not. 

From toddlers, to your childhood days, puberty stage, adolescent, young professional years and upto your adult days, haven’t you taught about collaborating, a collaboration, could be equal to forced cooperation? — to achieve a certain goal. 

Some says that “working in a group is much better than working alone.”

Some says that “two head is better than one.”

Those sayings or usual quotation can be easily derived from people who are more social and have an outgoing kind of personality which is commonly known as people who are  extrovert. 

I would like to take into more consideration to those people who are being forced to collaborate in different situations in their lives, specially in work place. I am pointing out to those people who are more productive and efficient when they are alone, commonly known as the people who are introvert.

But having said the two sides,  whether you are extrovert or introvert and even an ambivert – which is the combination of the two, each of us cannot deny the fact that there has been some situations, cases and scenarios wherein the need to collaborate and be in collaboration is a must to achieve a certain goal – your certain goal, whether for your own good or not. But because it is necessary, you are oblige to do so. 

These things can  cause you trouble, worry and regrets which can lead to your unhappiness – which is not healthy for yourself and for your life and being. 

When things like these do happen, the only advice I can give is that, never ever disregard your true self. Yes, you are being forced to collaborate, as of the moment, for a certain good. But never ever forget who you really are – what you wanted to do and who you wanted to be. 

If you feel stuck, do not tolerate. Life is consist of many unexpected things, which may guarantee good to you or not, and with that being said, if you feel toxic about your work, career or whatsoever in a collaboration – leave. Walk away. Go to your happiness. 

Your happiness is what matters most. Breathe and enjoy your life. Do not let yourself be polluted by many toxic things or even people all around you. Live your life without having regrets. Live boundless. Do not ever  force yourself into something or to someone which or who cannot give you the fire which can light up your whole being. 

Collaboration is good, as long as you are happy in where you are and what you are doing, with the people around you. 

But let yourself not be forced into collaboration wherein your happiness is nowhere to be found and  seen. 


Bonjour ! Comment ça va ? It’s been a long while since I last posted here in my blog. I hope you enjoyed your time reading this post. 😊 

Been so busy with lots of things, especially my OJT at the Senate of the Philippines. I hope you guys are doing well. God bless everyone! 

Feel free to visit my other works here. And I hope you would enjoy reading them. I would love to know what you think about them! Thank you for your time. 😊

Unraveling the Depths

It’s been a while and now I’m back. 

In the world, mysteries, anomalies and philosophies does always exist.

The change, the struggle, the forces and their  inevitable effects can’t be resist.

Wars, complex social issues, confusion and insecurity are arising. 

And I don’t even know if a time will come when all races could join hands while dancing. 
Thoughts are always being asked to be outspoken. 

It’s like what you’re thinking of and your opinions need to be taken. 

But how about if you just wanted to keep it just for yourself? 

And how about if you wanted to speak out but then you feel like no one even cares at all? 
The world has been affecting you ever since you were born, being raised as a child and up to now that you are grown up. 

Certain things, situations and people have made you who you are today. 

They could be good, bad, crazy and chaotic. 

And you, you have developed a coping – but more like defense mechanism to protect yourself. 

You have built walls, walls and another walls over the walls so that the world can’t harm you. 

But in the process, you have been making yourself unreachable and made you to the point where in you can’t reach out. 

You have been wondering – would there be a time where someone could finally understand what you’ve been through, what you’re going through and who you truly are. 

Someone who could unravel your bold thoughts, curiosity, wild ideas and even your imaginary paradise and dark views which exists all inside your incredible and fascinating mind. 

Someone who could understand – someone who could see through your bloodshot eyes. 

Someone who could unravel you – able to analyze your actions, body language, your simple flinching, fiddling fingers and even your very own demeanor. 

Someone who could break through the walls that you’ve built – reach out to your heart and let the light in. 

Someone who could make you feel and know love – a one word which can make your heart open. 

Someone who could unravel your darkest fears, your inner motives, your mischievous side, your hidden intentions, your childish side and even your sweet and lovely side. 

Someone who could help you achieve your wildest dreams, and make you feel hopeful for every single day that you’re with him. 

To unravel your depths means too much to simply put into words what and who you truly are. 

And the most complicated and complex word that is associated with it is the TRUST. 

How could you find someone you can trust? Where and when would it come? Who would it be? 

Are you willing to let yourself be naked – do you really want someone to unravel you? 

The answer lies ahead on your soul. 

Know what makes you really happy. 

It will take a lot of time and courage. But when everything has finally fall into their rightful places – you can’t resist and deny it. 

You can finally reach the clouds wherein magical and amazing things awaits. 

Unraveling the depths. 

Has been Filthy and has been cleansed.

I am a sinner. 

I may feel bad and filthy, but I know I am better. 

For in God’s hands I found a letter. 

Something privilege that He offer.
I’ve been stubborn and acted out.

My life has been full of doubt. 

But I know I am better, for it’s the Light that I can’t live without. 
Every day is filled with temptations. 

Each of them can shake my reputations, 

If I give in so easily without best calculations. 
As the sun set in the west, I try to ask for forgiveness. 

For my heart is restless,

Until He forgive me, raise me up again and I can’t careless. 
God is merciful and just. 

Every wrongdoing He can forgive so fast.

For His unconditional love never cease for us.
Jesus is the only way, the truth and the Light.  

I believe, trust and have faith in Him, and He is with me to fight. 

With Him and through Him, I know I am better and best for I can reach every height. 
I am thankful for His life that He gave.

I am blessed for my life that He has saved. 

The banner of my love and adoration for Him I will always wave. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73

Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted here. Lots of things had happened and I just can’t afford to write with me being so bothered. But here I am now, thankfully. I missed the WordPress world so much. I hope I will be writing more soon. 😃 

Thank you for checking this one out! Also, if it just happened that it’s your first time to came and stumbled on my work and blog, you are so welcome to see some of my other works too. I hope to hear your thoughts. God bless always and take care everyone. 😊

Yummy Styled Fried rice for less than $1.00

Amidst of my busy days, having research papers, analysis, deadline on Tuesday, events and activities that are all need to be done, here I am, wanting to have a break from all those things above.

I’ve been inactive here in WordPress for almost…a month? Yes, it’s quite long and I haven’t written any post since the last one that I had last September and I haven’t visited my few kind followers which I really need to do ASAP after finishing all my tasks above. Hopefully, by October 21, I can get back here again. Sigh. 

But for now, *insert drum roll* for a change, I will do this food blogging! The first ever! 

Feeling exhausted from my routines and from the thoughts running ceaselessly in my head, I decided to share what I did just a few hours ago. 

At home, when mother and father is not yet arriving from work and only me and my younger brother is left, of course I need to take charge in the household chores, specially in cooking. 

This is our scenario at home. My mother will cook the meal in the morning and that includes the rice which is already good for the whole day, for morning, lunch and dinner. 

We don’t want some cold rice for dinner  and so, I sometimes cook another rice for dinner and just put the leftover rice inside the rice cooker for it to be reheated and sometimes, I make fried rice out of the leftover rice or cold rice —just what I did today for dinner. 

For an average family from where I belong, (Philippine settings) we sometimes have groceries at house and sometimes we don’t have or it already ran out and so, there comes the little grocery stores or what we simply called as sari-sari store which can be seen in almost every corner of the street. 

We don’t have the ingredients that I need to make a fried rice and so I called my brother and asked him to buy the ingredients that I need, but I remembered that my dear parents didn’t left even a coin for us, so I just budget the reasonable amount that I still have in my wallet. 

Please refer to the the pictures above.

These are the ingredients that we bought: 

• 2 hot dogs 

• a small pack of ketchup 

• an instant noodles to complete the meal.

The ingredients that I’ve used:

• 2 hot dogs

•.Coconut oil

• Soyy sauce (two tablespoon)

• ketchup 

• salt (a reasonable amount)

• 2 cloves of garlic 

The steps to cook the fried rice.

1. I crushed the leftover rice using the ladle and a fork. (Usually, I use my bare hand to crush the rice.)

2. After crushing the rice, I set it aside and do the chopping of the garlic and the hot dogs.

3. Put the frying pan in the stove and put a minimal amount of heat just to warm up the pan. After a few seconds, when the pan is already hot, I put the coconut oil.

4. Saute the chopped garlic and when it’s already golden brown, I set it aside on the frying pan and pour the sliced hot dogs to make it fried.

5. I mix the cooked hot dogs and the fried garlic and put the stove in a low heat then I poured the crushed rice and change the heat to average after, and left it just like that for a few seconds. 

6. I mix the rice with the cooked hot dogs and fried garlic, put a reasonable amount of salt, the soy sauce and mix it again until I already mix well the ingredients. Then I left it again for a minute. 

7. I put the ketchup for the finale and mix it again until I’m satisfied, then I left it again for about 3 minutes so that the rice will be fried in good form with all the ingredients in it. 

8. I stirred the mixture and leave it for another 3 minutes so that the other half will be fried and so the entire rice with the ingredients will be totally fried.

9. Before I finish the fried rice, I boil 1 and a half cup of water on a pot and put the instant noodles in it when it reached the boiling point and after a few minutes, I turned off the stove and boila — it’s all done! 

That’s my Yummy Styled Fried rice for less than a dollar. 

It’s as simple as that. It’s very affordable and when my parents got home, they didn’t scold me and my father was happy for what I did. 😊 And for me, that’s one of the reasons why I did my styled cooking — well, the other one is because I’m craving and just too hungry. Haha. 

As for everyone, for teens, for parents and for everybody out there, cooking is one of our routine in our daily living and food is one of our major needs to take in for us to survive and continue to live. But I know, we all do the cooking, in order to satisfy our hunger, our needs and specially —to make our loved ones happy, smiling and delighted for what we serve to them. And that is the heart of cooking. 

Whether it’s as simple as what I did, or you just fried an egg, or make a full course meal, it’s still the same, if you’re cooking and pouring your heart on it, it will always be special, delicious and satisfying! And if it’s the other way around, obviously, there will be nothing special about it and it won’t have a meaning. 

In everything that we do, we must always put our hearts on it, so that we’re not just doing based on the status quo, but we’re doing it out of love and enjoyment and it that way, we’ll all be satisfied with a happy heart and smiles on our faces. 


Thank you so much for taking some time to read my blog today! I hope you had some fun and I’ll be sooo glad to hear your thoughts about what I wrote in here. And if you just feel to check out my other works and follow me, please feel free to do and the pleasure is all mine. Have a good day and God bless. 

Rebirth of the passionate light amidst the darkness.

Second part of Twinkle Twinkle, You’re the Star.

I was awestruck. 

The warm tear doesn’t stop, it became tears – unceasingly springing from my two eyes, from the depths of my soul.

My eyes – that has been cold. It has been cold through life’s different weather. 

I lay down, on the grass, aware of it being cold and little wet due to the cold breeze that the air brings. I feel it, against my back. 

I look at the lamp, it’s beside me, still not yet tested if it still works.

I cupped my face, tears doesn’t stop…

I don’t know why.

…don’t know the reasons…

In the middle of my mournful cry, a loud thunder rolls from the sky.

My heart feels like it’ll jump put of my chest.

I curled up. Unsure if I’m still safe, in the midst of open field with nothing but darkness and uncertainties. 

Unsure if I’d be broken by the sound of the thunder, and the lightning that’ll hit me anytime soon.

I need to get out of here, I know, and so I stand. My mournful cries are starting to quiet down.


There’s a small voice in my head that’s holding me back. 

And as I heard her voice, a lightning came down from the sky again.

My eyes has been automatically shut as my knees comes trembling and so I slumped back to the cold grasses – looking like inviting me more to stay.

But I should take my leave now.

I’m afraid. I should really leave now.

I need to try the lamp that I have with me, I just hope it’ll be of use.

I search for the matchbox that I have on my pocket, and I got it already in a little time.


It comes again.

But I don’t need to waste my time wandering longer here in the open field, completely vulnerable.

With my two naked eyes, I still manage to see the lamp opening and the match that I have to use. 

At last! The lamp has been lighted and I can go back to where I used to be. 

The light is really comforting and it’s nice to see —

Don’t leave! 

What? I think my insanity is really hitting me hard now.

I stand up and dust off the grasses on my clothes.

I said wait! Don’t leave! 

Oh yes, I’m not wrong.I think I really need to go now and rest and sleep inside my room. Oh, I forgot, I still need to finish my paperworks, do my thing and think of my still to do’s list  —

Stop! Don’t runaway from me again! 

Shut up now!

I’m done. I yelled back to that voice inside my head, but looks like it’s effective and so I began to walk away.


What? Don’t listen to her. She’s so loud and I must ignore her.

I continue my steps, guided and slow paces away from the pitch dark world lurking at my back. 

I must not look back. 

Anytime soon, I might here her speaks again, so I must be quick —


Wait, why do I feel like…

…she’s… begging me…though she’s shouting… 


I was stunned. 

What should I do now…

My heart…it’s racing and I suddenly feel sadness and feel so fragile. 

What is this? 

The emotions are swelling up…I can’t move…

My knees are trembling again, much shakey this time and I feel weaker.

The thunder roll again in the dark skies, much louder and the lightning came down too, much fiercely this time.

All of a sudden, tiny drops of rain falls from the sky.

Don’t leave me…

The emotions are hitting me so much more. I can’t…

Please…stop…  I plead, holding my chest as I slumped back again, kneeling now in the cold wet and muddy grasses.

The tiny drops of rain are becoming harsh and loud this time, and I can’t hold on my barricades now…

I loose my grip on the lamp, it falls on the grasses and been overpowered by the rain water on it – it died. 

This time, I have really lost the barricades that I have around me – I cry.

I cry much louder, much harder, much stronger and much deeper. 

Please…hear me out…

The small voice continue to beg.

I’m all done.

I can’t go now. You made this, right?

I even managed to answer back and asked her.

I’m still crying…my whole body is trembling now – because of the cold rain, thunder rolls, lightning and fear. 

Fear of myself – the real me.

She’s been quiet for a moment and I became impatient and so I speak out loud.

What now?! I knew it! You’re just a pigment of my imagination! 

You’re not real! But why?! Why… 

…why are you causing this so much emotions in me?!

I’m still crying really hard, fearful of what is happening to me right now.

In the midst of the heavy rain and my ceaseless tears, I open my eyes.

I somehow seeing something in front of me. I closed my eyes again and tried to re adjust it. 

And as I open it again – there, I see…


…the small me, the child me.

But, she looks like…frail, fragile, she must be happy, but no…the happiness in her eyes has been gone, she looks quite sad, the happiness in her eyes has been taken away from her…

…her ignorance and innocence has been gone too…

Who?…who made her like this?

This child must be lively, livelier, healthy, innocent, ignorant, playful, peaceful, full of fun, happiness and satisfaction – but what happened? 

Who?! Who made her like this? Who caused her to become like this —

She’s reaching out her hands to me, she’s crying… 

I felt a strong urge to hold her hands and so I extend my hands to her and —

It’s me.

It’s me…the one…

…the one who…who caused this…to her.

I collapsed. Totally fell down on the muddy wet grasses on the ground. 

In just a snap, all the things that I’ve lived with beginning from the years of my existence that I first have my consciousness, were all revealed in me. 

The things that I first loved, the things that I like, the things that I usually love to do, the things that makes me happy, my hobbies that I’m fond of, my own authentic and dry jokes that makes me laugh, the silly me that I actually like, the people that matters to me, my dreams, the simple things that once made me enjoy a worry free kind of life, the significance of everything that I have in my life.

And in the other hand, the things that I should not worry about, the things that I once thought that will benefit me and the end is not what I expected, the things that I’m prioritizing which eats up all my time for some other things that matters most, the negative thinking that I usually possess that brings nothing but a hot head and a bad day for me. My ambitions that made me selfish, and all the negative and wrong things that I’ve done which made me suffer.

The realizations hit me, really great and hard.

I’ve been crying the whole time, no sounds coming from my mouth, just the sounds in my surrounding.

I want to live a life, an authentic, lively and happy life – not to just exist and render the years that I have, full of regrets and negativity! 

I want to enjoy and do the things that I love to do! I won’t tolerate anymore the toxic in my life. 

I must guard myself so I won’t be loose my authenticity and the real me – not to gurad myself and be hard and conformed in this world’s systems.

I’ve said the words – we’ve said the words in unison. 

I smile. A genuine, blissful smile. 

I’ve noticed that the sound of the rain became quiet, more or less, the rain is going to stop anytime soon, I guess.

I lift up my face that hit the muddy ground, and raise my body in a kneeling sitting position. 

I opened my eyes, still wearing the blissful smile.

The rain has stopped. 

The dark clouds has been gone. 

Just in time, the stars and the moon appears. It’s as if smiling and looking at me. 

The dark lonely skies has been brightened up – and became a blissful, beautiful night sky

I suddenly notice the little child, she’s beside me, the small me.

Her look has changed.  

She noticed me looking at her and she look at me. 

She smile. A very warm smile that sends comfort and serenity in my heart. 

She has totally changed. She has gained back her true form, the look that she must really have in the first place.

The playful, innocent, happy, carefree, ignorant, peaceful and healthy look of a child. 

I’m glad. I’m really glad, looks like she feels the same way. 

Thank you…

She finally said and hug me. 

I have closed my eyes and when I open it again, she’s already gone.

I look down on myself, seeing my body soaked in mud. 

I laugh. Really hard. I actually missed it.

I know she’s just here within me. 

I have recollected and reunited with all the passion that I have in my life. 

The moon’s light is shining brighter and the twinkling shine of the stars are dancing in the skies, as if greeting me in delight.

They really must.

For this is the rebirth of the passionate light amidst the darkness.

They really must delight. 

I’m coming back, much better than before.

And there’s no turning back.

Hello there! If you happen to read this one, this is the second part and I am gladly inviting you to check out the first part of this story. 🙂 

Happy reading and God bless. 

Twinkle twinkle, You’re the Star.

A short story

Part 1

Amidst the dark and peaceful night sky, I stand.

I was there, staring and intently observing everything that I can see. 

For this very moment, I always come to feel and think…almost everything. 

The things that I’ve done, either right or wrong, and the things that I’ve seen, either good or bad.

The emotions that I’ve felt and received, and the feelings that I’ve shown and gave.

I glance at the night sky, again. It’s really dark. No moon, no stars, no light. 

But the wind is blowing hard and cold. 

It made me shiver and hug myself.

As of the moment, I have nothing to do and so I decided to stay. 

There’s no beauty in the night sky – it’s just dark, plain, lonely and sad, nothing more and nothing less.

The overwhelming emotions and thoughts came down on me. 

I would like to lay down. On the soft grasses. Not on the cold hard ground.

But then I don’t know where to go. 

I don’t know the perfect spot.

I then remembered, I have a lamp with me. Unlighted and not yet been tested if it would still light-up.

When I was still young, a child, an innocent, completely flawless and untainted person, I remembered something. 

I glance up to the sky again. It’s as if talking to me, yet I can’t hear it. 

The cold wind blew hard again, as my lips formed a tight line. 

It whispered…something…about…me.

..the stars.

There’s no stars. I’ve whispered back.

The wind blew hard again.
There’s no stars, I’ve repeat  it. 

Twinkle…   it says. 


There’s no stars.

There’s no twinkling stars.

I’ve said it loud enough as a response. 

Then a lightning came. 

I was surprised and got nervous, and so it made me sit.

But then at least I’ve seen, it lightens up the dark night skies…even for a split seconds.

I smiled. And a warm tear rolled down in my cold cheek. 

I’ve felt as if my whole life flashes before my eyes.

I was awestruck. 

to be continued—–

Hello Amigas! I’ve been so busy for the past few days and wasn’t able to write anything. I’ve tried to write or make an entry on this one, differently. Maybe I can post the next part tomorrow.  🙂 It’s soon to be midnight now here from where I live. 

I hope you would see the hidden messages and meaning that this story have. Thank you for continuous support. I would definitely get back sooner and check out your works too. 🙂

Gracias Amigas!