Complicated, twisted knots. 

Some of the people living in a society does enjoy luxuries, fame, and popularity. But behind those things, they were still a person – a creature as we are and we haven’t realized how it really feels to live in a world like that.

Take a look at this. Simple people, living a normal life, thinking, working, and figuring things out are already experiencing complicated things. Even to untangle the twisted knots of the shoe lace is complicated and putting it up on the shoes again is way more complicated if you’re not good at it.

For a student, a Mathemathics and Physics equations are far more complicated than being scolded by their parents due to going home late.

For teenagers, don’t feel like the whole world is being weighted on your shoulder and take life as nothing whenever you experience a break-up. Don’t think and don’t react so complicated. Remember, life can throw much more weighted complicated things on you as you grow up and you have to be strong and be still.

For adults, finding a job and doing your very best to remain on your career is also complicated, especially when your passion isn’t there on what you are doing.

For parents, taking care of children, keeping them safe and sound, nights of crying, days of laughing, afternoons of bonding, name it all – parents have experienced anything that is complicated – including the snore of your sleeping husband/wife.

But be glad. We just have some of many complicated things that exists in this world full of uncertainty.

Not happy with your plain, boring and normal life? You must hear this out. Rich people who are born with fame, popularity and luxuries are usually the people who doesn’t get enough sleep and cannot even afford to have sleep at night. They can’t do what they want for they were already imprisoned and chained in the world’s systematic flow. They we’re like birds with their healthy and capable wings, yet they were caged inside and in there, they can’t hardly breathe. It’s complicated. Very complicated. While you, you can still do what you want. Eat, drink, travel and live life not just make a living.

So rejoice! Reflect and realize. Live your life, love your life. Complicated things are always there yet, you’re blessed that you only had some of them.

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5 thoughts on “Complicated, twisted knots. 

  1. Neo Star Slash says:

    Well, problems are everywhere. There is a saying like this: “Where there are people, there is problems.” Poor people say that they have no resources and that their life is difficult because that, and rich people say that they have time for nothing and cannot enjoy the things they get with their money. The matter is, we are going to have problems anyway. Ultimately, it is ourselves that make our lives to be enjoyable or not, for no one can live for you. So, as you pointed out, miss Elle, a mindset to love your live and make it worthy is a must. And make it happen 🙂

    Running after goods and status in this life won’t solve all problems and won’t exactly make life better:

    “And everything that my eyes wanted I did not refuse them. And I did not withhold my heart from any selfish pleasure, for my heart was glad from all my efforts; and this was my reward for all my efforts. Then I turned to all the work that my hands had designed and all the labor that I had toiled to make; and notice, all of it was vanity and chasing the wind. And there was no benefit under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 2:10-11).


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