You’re confused? Take a look at this.

In our everyday lives, we often and usually encounter lots of questions and questionable things. There’s a buzz here and a hush there, a rush there and a lush here. As our world is continually revolving around the sun and rotating on it’s axis,  confusion and being confused is already a part of our day-to-day life living. 

Simple things such as what’s the date today usually make you confused, believe it or not. What comes after the date’s confusion are the things that you supposed to do for that day, yet you’re already messed up figuring out what to do first and hereafter. 

Also, even at your choice of clothing for that day or what today’s generation typically called as OOTD or outfit of the day. Usually, teenagers get confused on thinking what they should wear and have for their clothes on a particular day and if their mood don’t match with the choice of their clothes that they’ve already wore, then they go as bad trip. Remember, confusion can lead to an error in your fashion. So, take your time and choose slowly but surely.

We are now living in a fast-paced and accelerated world wherein almost anything can be seen and be done by the help of technology. For an elder whose age is ranging from 70-90, what do we expect? They were bewildered by almost everything that we have now which they don’t really had and known for decades and centuries ago. Elders, most of them are being left in the end part of the line wherein confusion is lurking around. They were confused and we need to help them adjust and adapt if they want to, gradually and respectively. 
The same goes for our dear parents, we must have more patience in teaching them how this and that gadgets are working. Remember, our dear parents have taught us even to handle our own spoon when we’re still young and ignorant in this world. Understand their part and reflect.
The lists goes on and on and on…

I’m confused, you’re confused – we’re all confused.

– How could be the 20 feet long small intestine fit in my little tummy ?

– Why do I snore when I’m sleeping and others don’t?

– What happened? It’s not supposed to be like that!

– Who are you? I think I have known you already…or maybe not…

– When should I submit the report? Oh no, I’m done. The dates got jumbled on my mind. I get confused, I must have submitted it yesterday and not today!

– What should I do? Should I take this or that? I’m confused! I don’t know the answer! Heeelllpppp…

– Wait, what? Are you serious? Maybe you’re just confused.

Whether it’s about something or someone, whenever you get confused,

Try to expand your vision for you to see the whole picture.

Pause and look back for a moment, to search for a supplement for you to see the development and get out from your bewilderment. 

Confusion is something like a puzzle, don’t get confused by confucian. 

Be confused and amused as we render our lives here on earth. This world have lots of things to offer and will offer. But remember,  never be abused. 



One thought on “You’re confused? Take a look at this. 

  1. Neo Star Slash says:

    Confusion will happen to everyone, and your example of being patient with the elders and helping them with technology as they helped us when we did not know how to handle a spoon was very good. A bit of pause and thinking can do wonders when we are confused. A nice text 🙂


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