Your carriage full of baggages

We live, we laugh, we weep, we strive – we carry on.

“Pas de problème, I can carry!”

Each of us, individuals who are living in this busy buzzy world are carrying LOTS of baggages in our own carriage.

From the moment that we wake-up in the morning, what do you think comes first on you mind? Haven’t you think about how great it is that you’re still alive and kickin’ and you have a new day to live life? Tell me, does it comes first to your mind? I bet no. It’s not. It doesn’t.

What comes first definitely on your mind is your to do list for the day. As you turned off your alarm, whether on an actual clock or on your smart phone, the usual reaction that you might have is Oh my gosh! I woke up late, gotta be quick now. Move! And for some instance, when you’ve already turned off the alarm yet you still beg for another 5 minutes that will be 10 minutes and later on be more than the minutes  you are expecting, until you realized that there’s no much time left, and you go like this Oh! I overslept! What’s the time now?! Gosh, gosh, gosh! I’ve thought it’s still early, looks like… I’ve just thought and… I’m wrong. What to do now?!

That little yet usual commotion in your everyday morning is not a simple matter to disregard, for that will help to determine your mood for the day – your tires in your own carriage.

Take a look at this. Consider your body as your carriage and all your thoughts, worries, concerns, responsibilities, obligations, commitments and to dos are your baggages. Could you still carry? Could you still breath normally and easily? And as we continue to live, to travel, to move forward, some of your baggages are being pulled out from your carriage and some new things are being carried on by you.

Some people carry all their baggages with them everyday with the thinking that they need to have it all together as they move forward. We’re being so sentimental sometimes and we put more value, significant value in certain things that without our own knowledge is already bad and we doesn’t need them anymore in our journey.

You must learn to let go of the things or the people who you may think that they doesn’t serve you anymore and are already toxic and need to be eliminated as soon as possible or else, it’s you that will suffer.

Each of us does have our own problems that we carry and have to deal with, emotional stress, personal battle with your own self and environmental factors that weaken us – still, we need to stand firm and carry on.

In this world filled with uncertainties, we must all be guarded and cautious. As we get along, living our life, our carriage is our own selves and the baggages are the things and people that we have and we care, as the one who owns the carriage, never let your baggages, the things that you’re carrying with you be damaged for your worth, values, principles and morals are also with them.

Though the chasm is far too wide,       dark clouds are forming above your head, your feet have landed on the dried and lifeless soil,                                                   and it feels like the light is nowhere in sight,                                                         troublesome times like this does really exist as if tons of steel bars were put at your back. But don’t let them get you down. Remeber: After the rain, comes a rainbow. Carry on.

Never let your hope be faint and be gone. Rainbow comes in different colors.Whenever you are having a difficult time, think of it, that rainbow have lots of variations in colors, meaning, there are lots of new, colorful and exciting things that awaits for you!

Carry your good and valuable baggages, keep them safe in your carriage as you launch yourself again.

Carry on.                                                           Be positive.                                                   Keep on moving forward.                               Towards what your heart is truly aiming for.



3 thoughts on “Your carriage full of baggages

  1. Neo Star Slash says:

    Very good text. We must pay attention on our priorities also. No matter how much big our carriage is, we cannot carry everything. In practice we have just two options, make the carriage bigger (not always possible) or gives priority to what is really important to carry (more viable). The question is, what is more important to carry?


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