The Windows to Our Souls

“Your eyes are like two burning fire of balls, shining, flickering and sparkling – like a magnificent fireworks launched into the night skies that lightens up the spread sheet of darkness.”

I’ve opened two gifts today – my eyes. 

When you smile, what’s the first thing that goes along with your lips? – your eyes.

Every individual has their unique pair of eyes. Yours maybe brown, black, hazel brown, green, gray or blue – they comes from different colors and types. Your eyes may also be rounded, almond and narrow in size. You may be farsighted or nearsighted and maybe you have astigmatism with your visions, your visions may also be blurred or sharp.

But, what if your eyes has been damaged by the environmental factors around you and it causes your visions to become blurry or worst – blindness will occur. 

Physically, if your eyes are of poor health, your visions will be blurry and if your eyes has lost it’s main and primary function – it means, living your entire life with blackness, the blackness that described the only thing that you can see. Some are lucky enough to get or have their visions back by the use of the high technology nowadays and also because of the same reason, some are responsible enough to not let their visions be gone away and suffered.

In a more deeper concept, eyes also plays a significant part in our social and personal lives. 

“Eyes are said to be the windows towards your soul. Windows that are yours to open so that others may see through you and you can keep them close so that you will remain guarded and unseen.”

You can figured out what’s the truth and what’s a lie through looking into the eyes of the person you are talking with. The words can fool you – but the eyes will always speak the truth.

Happiness can really be seen through a person’s eyes. What a beautiful sight it is – shining brightly and dancing along the joyness of you. 

But be careful, some people are already masters when it comes to faking, covering and wearing a facade. We don’t know the exact reasons why they are doing such things. 

But maybe they have been like that as their defense mechanism. Maybe they are just protecting themselves to be hurt by the people around them and by whatever kind of situation the world have thrown or might throw upon them. Maybe, they have been hurt once and they had a hard time accepting and moving on with their lives. Maybe it’s regrets and unforgettable pain that made them close the windows to their souls.

But remember, you are a human – we are all humans. We live, we laugh, we cry, we’re frightened and we learned. Don’t let the world make you hard. 

Let your eyes be open and let your soul be lighten up again by the goodness that this world might still offer to you. Don’t loose hope. Open the windows, let the lights shine down upon you and penetrate deep within your soul. 

“You can shut your eyes off, but your heart will remain beating as it feel and breathe.”

Be nice, so that you won’t pay some price.                                                               Roll the dice of life but always think thrice.                                                         Don’t let your eyes be as cold as an ice.


Hi there! 🙂 I would love to hear your feedback to my today’s post. You could also put a like on it and follow me if you want to. I really hope you’ve liked this. God bless everyone! 


7 thoughts on “The Windows to Our Souls

  1. Nyse says:

    I’m loving every single post you write. Yes it’s so wondrous that we can so much about a person, even though they may not even utter a word through their eyes, and it’s not just humans, animals express through their eyes too. And as always, you write an uplifting message, simply astounding :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    • newelleaidee says:

      Oh thank you Mother! 😄 I’m really glad to hear it from you. Your feedback is uplifting! Thank you for motivating me more. I hope you would check out my other works too, and let me hear what you can say about it. Thank you again and God bless you Mother!


  2. Neo Star Slash says:

    “The light of the body is the eye. Therefore, if your eye is clear, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is unclear, your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore, if the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:22-23).


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