Youth: The Dreamers of Tomorrow 


“The Youth of today’s generation is like a strong bomb shaking the ground, exploding like a colorful fireworks – creating a magical rainbow in the indefinite skies.”


Whenever you hear the word ‘youth’, how you would respond with it?

What comes first to your mind?

What do you feel about it?

Me? Honestly speaking, whenever I hear that word and whenever I think of it, different kinds of things are gradually clouding up my mind as my heart clenches on the ideas stored in there. Yesterday, I’ve watched a news from the television. Personally, I’m not inclined in watching programs in the televisions, but it so happened that I’m in there and there’s the Tv. 

Then a report came and the news flashed on the screen – then I was shaken. What was the news all ’bout? Let me tell you, this will be more personal than I’ve thought. 

The world is spinning continuously as it changes and evolve and the cycle goes on and on.

I want you to think of this: 

How’s the world right now?               How’s the place you’re living in?     How’s the environment around you? How’s your day-to-day living?         How’s your life? –

How…are you? 

Have you ever considered yourself as lucky? As blessed? As fulfilled? – you must be. 

Whenever you were born, whatever date you were placed here in this world, a long time ago or just two decades, a decade ago, you must have cherished your life. 

Remember, the world a long time ago is far different from the world where we are living right now. 

Have you ever preferred to be born a long time ago wherein the world is as simple and peaceful as the the opposite of what we have today? 

Or have you been born a long time ago and feel awful and devastated by what you are seeing nowadays in this world? 

You are not alone. 

“There’s no age in being a youth, let your heart and very own existence be filled with such positvity with an undying happiness that resides within you.” 

The news that I’ve watched yesterday was about the war that is happening in Syria and maybe you’ve known about this too. 

I’ve cried, and until now, my heart is still aching because of the thoughts in my head. 

A 5 year-old boy has been rescued yesterday in the middle of the war and ceaseless firing and bombing in Syria. He was hurt and I don’t know the other detailed parts.

But the moment that I’ve seen the little boy, his body, his face – the blood and his looks overall, I went weak. 

Lots of thoughts flooded up my mind – why? I mean, why are they doing it? What’s the reason for the terrorists to do such things? Well, because of government? Because of money? Fame? Security? Stability? Don’t they have hearts? Haven’t they have thought that they are already affecting innocent lives and worst, killing lives.

I’ve just realized deeper and deeper how this world has changed a lot. Youth is the hope of our nations. But there goes the terrorists and the systems that were being laid, unseen by us, greatly affecting and will gradually destroy us – children, youth and more percentage of the population in our world. 

When there are wars, the first thing that was being affected are the lives of the children, the youth – the future of our world. 

I feel so pained, thinking how the badness in this world stole the ignorance, the innocence and the rights of the youth to be happy and enjoy life as they must be. They must be taught and raised well.

Each life counts. The lives of the world’s youth counts  Your life counts. You are important and essential as you dream and aim high for the betterment of your life and of this world. 

The youth are dreamers of the future.   We must nurture one another as we finish the whole picture.                                 Before the time of our departure comes. 

You only live once, appreciate, love, be compassionate, realize, value and care. 



6 thoughts on “Youth: The Dreamers of Tomorrow 

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    This is so true! Also I saw that boy yesterday and it brought me to tears. It’s ridiculous that any child should have to experience such an atrocity firsthand. At any rate, your post is filled with hope and I appreciate that. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • newelleaidee says:

      Definitely, you know, that made me really feel down yesterday. And I can’t take to not let it out. Thank you for appreciating it and sharing your thoughts with me, I am glad for it. 🙂 God bless you!


  2. Nyse says:

    This is such a beautiful post, it’s so sad that so many broken homes are allowing so many teenagers to become devoted and feel as if they are without hope. Once a youth opened up to me that he took drugs because of the feeling, I didn’t judge him I just wanted to give him a hug and say he can get out of that situation. Yes, it’s important to work on our youths. I wish for this to be read more so in order to raise awareness.Thank you for writing this post, you’re such an inspirationGod bless you more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • newelleaidee says:

      Oh thank you Nyse! Your words are really uplifting. 😊 I’m glad that you really appreciate it to the extent. I also thank God for using me to inspire and motivate others through my works. Moreover, let’s empower each other! God bless you too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Neo Star Slash says:

    The children and youths are the future of mankind, that’s why they must receive good education and love, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and dreams for the good. Doing that, we eliminate even the terrorists, for then they will not want to become terrorists. Education is crucial – education in the Lord.


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