Jeopardized Goals


“Be aware of every steps that you take as you walk along the journey, for even just a little trip, the reason why you’re in a journey will be jeopardized.”

Do you have something to do for this day? For this month? Or for this year?

Have you set some goals to meet and then later on, you will just realize that you were not able to do it?

Or you are nearly almost there to your goal, yet something has happened and you were just there – regretting things over and over again, because of what?

Because your goals has been jeopardized.

And the big question for that matter is…WHY??!

Of course, there are some underlying questions and we need to consider different factors as to why, how and what happened – that you ended up with goals being jeopardized.

“Don’t let your yesterday take too much of  your today.”

Almost every human, living in this restless world has their own purpose to live with, mission to take, path to walk, and goals to achieve. 

Just almost, because people who are contented to be lazy for their entire life are still around and existing in this world. 

Whether you are a business tycoon, engineer, accountant, doctor, professor, parent, a student or simply a child, for each day that you wake-up, deny it or not, you have set a certain goal in your life for that particular day or moment wherein you will do your best or everything that you can – to achieve it – yet your chances to achieve it were seriously jeopardized. 

What are you going to do then?

We struggle, we fight and we face each day’s obstacles and challenges that this world might throw upon us in order to achieve our goals. 

We focus, we learn and we adapt in order for us to be well equipped as we go along the journey to get on our target. 

But, there’s go the big… BUT, that goes along to our big question WHY??!

“But remember, there are different factors that will hinder you to achieve the things that you desire – and you might ended up jeopardizing your own goals.”

If your goals has been jeopardized one, you must take at look at these factors: 

First, you must know the environment you are living in. What do you think? Does it affect that way you supposed to act and do the things that you needed to do? Does it contribute as to why your goal has been jeopardized?

Your environment includes your social life – your schoolmates, your friends as well as your family. Also, you might as well take a look at any social event you’ve been in. 

Yet, the primary factor that we must take a look and focus on is us – our own selves.

“Working hard won’t mean and cause anything positive in your life if there’s no discipline applied to it.”

You are so eager and excited to finally get what you want and to finish the goal that you’ve set – you ended up taking unnecessary risks which are definitely uncalculated. 

Do not take all things easily and quickly. Yes, the higher the risk, the higher the return – this thing is usually applied when it comes to business – your life is not a business. Everything has their own time to be ripen and to be picked-up. 

Discipline. Abstinence. Think critically.

Your own self is your own defense mechanism and your own vehicle to drive. These three words will definitely save you from jeopardizing the good things that are yet to come in your life. 

Add them to your good lists of characters as you launch yourself again into this world to go and find your way to achieve your new set of goals. 

You can’t have all things to work together every time. Yet you can have one step at a time to plan, focus and think, in every foot that you’re going to make as you get along your journey. Don’t rush. You have all the time that you need.

In that case, the good things that are yet to come for you and only you, won’t be hindered – the chances to definitely achieve your goals won’t be jeopardized. 

Thank you for reading my work today! I am encouraging you to check out my other works and I hope to hear your thoughts about them. 🙂 I will definitely do the same for you! God bless. 


One thought on “Jeopardized Goals

  1. Neo Star Slash says:

    “Discipline. Abstinence. Think critically.” That’s really lacking nowadays. And we must have feet on the ground for goals too. It is impossible to a human be the ruler of the Universe. To achieve goals, there are many things to be done first. There is a song which says, “With dreams to be a king, first one should be a man!”


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