What’s your Miniatures?


Have you tried building or constructing a miniature something? 

Maybe a miniature toy character, a miniature car, a miniature house – a miniature you. 

Me? I’ve done them all. Let’s start with the literal meaning of the word miniature. 

I’m going to tell a short story about me. When I was on my high school years, I’ve decided to be in the shop or a particular subject skills of Drafting Technology. It was all about arts from the basic up to the architectural/engineering level. 

When I was already at my 4th year, 4th grading period, my teacher/instructor have told us to make a miniature house, and of course before we are able to make a miniature house, we’ve been through lots of things first – the sketching, the planning, measuring, scaling, the materials and of course, the perspective view, or the real image of the house in different perspective. Before the end of the grading, we’re able to make a miniature house – like a real engineer.. Yippee! And of course, it’s a whole set, the landscape, the roof, the rooms, the furniture and the decorations. It’s kinda look like my dream house. 🙂

It’s not an easy thing to do, yes. But if you love what you are doing, then in the process, enjoyment is all you’re gonna feel. 

Based from the dictionary that I have with me, miniature is defined as a small version of something; a model of reduced scale.

Miniature can be the small version of whatever you might think or do, a model of something which is reduced in smaller scale. 

Let’s now go to the deeper meaning of it. 

“Whenever you are planning on something or whatever you are planning to do, it was already created and already happened in your mind.”

When you are thinking or planning, the creation already takes place in your mind. Then when you’ve already done the plan and achieved what you want to have, it’s all done already. However, what do you think comes in between these two? 

We’re not always perfect and on the right timing every time to finish our plan right away – there goes the miniature, your miniatures. What’s your miniatures?

For instance, when you were still a child and too ignorant and innocent in this world’s flow, haven’t you done something like playing cooking with your miniatures cooking materials? You wanted to be a chef that time and you’re not yet capable of that plan, you’ve settled first in your miniatures cooking materials. 

Also, when you are planning to be a model, an actress, a flight attendant, you are going to go through first to the training and in that process, you are just few steps away from your plan. But for that particular moment, your plan of becoming what you want is just on a smaller scale, you’are still on the small version of a real flight attendant. 

When you are trying to experiment on something, are you going to try it in the big one right away or practice first in the smaller one? Of course – you will do it on the smaller model first. 

There are lots of miniatures that you can consider in your life and in living in this world. 

Miniatures are really a great help actually, for it may be something you need for and will help you before you consider coming right away or jump right away to the main thing in your life.

Always remeber, failures are allowed in the miniature. Yet, you have to learn and earn different things for you to be able to move forward and finally achieve your goal. 

We are human creatures living in this nature, with a big smile showing out our dentures, while seeking adventures in our different life ventures. 

What’s your miniatures? Share what’s  yours. 🙂 


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