Sometimes, Words Are Not Enough.

Do you get happy? Do you get sad?

Do you get afraid? Do you get excited?

Do you get confused? Do you get shocked?

Do you get irritated and do you get angry?

Of course – you do. Each of us do.

We all get happy, sad, afraid, excited, confused, irritated and angry in different times and in different situations.

However, words alone can’t describe whether you are happy at the moment and then get sad later on; whether you are irritated and angry at the same time and your feelings for that particular time has been expressed by words yet, they are still not enough to state the obvious reason why you’re being as such. Then what’s next? – you cry.

Sometimes, people around you can’t find out what’s the obvious thing about what you are feeling, why you are doing such things, and why are you acting like that.

It’s hard. It’s hard not to be understood.

It’s really hard not to see the obvious things about you – like no one can’t understand you. But I believe, if you’re not being understood by thosepeople around you, the natural thing will happen. Whether you are happy, sad, angry, and irritated, the key to state the obvious situation you were in is – your tears.

Personally, when I get overwhelmed by happiness and my body is responding to it, I get hyped – that’s the obvious thing. But when I get irritated and angry at the same time, and my mother doesn’t understand me by the words and reasons that I’ve told her – I cry. Yes. I still cry. That’s the natural way that my body do to state the obvious thing about me, that my mother can’t understand. Crying is the only way for her to figure out.

And you know what? Whenever I cry, the most obvious thing about me, is that I used to cry like a 5 year old child who didn’t get what she wants.

There are lots of things for you to figure out the obvious things about the people around you. You must be aware and approachable.

Some people doesn’t want others to see through them and what they do is they keep hiding the obvious facts about them.

“Whether it is good or bad – the truth will always find it’s way to come out and express the obvious what abouts of you.”

When it comes to expressing your feelings, some can’t really express themselves freely and clearly because of different reasons. Yet, body language is in there to express your obvious agenda to the person you are expressing yourself with.

There are still some people who can’t really find out the obvious in an obvious situation or person. Those persons obviously shows who they are.

If you have something within you that you’ve been keeping just with yourself alone and you feel like you’ve been greatly affected by it negatively, have someone to listen to you.

If you are emotionally and mentally depressed, don’t make your worries filed up until you’re fully loaded – release it.

You have to let others see and know what’s the obvious thing about you, for you not to get anxious and be am obnoxious kind of person.


Have a great day everyone! God bless.

What’s the obvious thing about me? – I’m your night and shining armor and I like the moment cam app! 🙂


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