Twinkle twinkle, You’re the Star.

A short story

Part 1

Amidst the dark and peaceful night sky, I stand.

I was there, staring and intently observing everything that I can see. 

For this very moment, I always come to feel and think…almost everything. 

The things that I’ve done, either right or wrong, and the things that I’ve seen, either good or bad.

The emotions that I’ve felt and received, and the feelings that I’ve shown and gave.

I glance at the night sky, again. It’s really dark. No moon, no stars, no light. 

But the wind is blowing hard and cold. 

It made me shiver and hug myself.

As of the moment, I have nothing to do and so I decided to stay. 

There’s no beauty in the night sky – it’s just dark, plain, lonely and sad, nothing more and nothing less.

The overwhelming emotions and thoughts came down on me. 

I would like to lay down. On the soft grasses. Not on the cold hard ground.

But then I don’t know where to go. 

I don’t know the perfect spot.

I then remembered, I have a lamp with me. Unlighted and not yet been tested if it would still light-up.

When I was still young, a child, an innocent, completely flawless and untainted person, I remembered something. 

I glance up to the sky again. It’s as if talking to me, yet I can’t hear it. 

The cold wind blew hard again, as my lips formed a tight line. 

It whispered…something…about…me.

..the stars.

There’s no stars. I’ve whispered back.

The wind blew hard again.
There’s no stars, I’ve repeat  it. 

Twinkle…   it says. 


There’s no stars.

There’s no twinkling stars.

I’ve said it loud enough as a response. 

Then a lightning came. 

I was surprised and got nervous, and so it made me sit.

But then at least I’ve seen, it lightens up the dark night skies…even for a split seconds.

I smiled. And a warm tear rolled down in my cold cheek. 

I’ve felt as if my whole life flashes before my eyes.

I was awestruck. 

to be continued—–

Hello Amigas! I’ve been so busy for the past few days and wasn’t able to write anything. I’ve tried to write or make an entry on this one, differently. Maybe I can post the next part tomorrow.  🙂 It’s soon to be midnight now here from where I live. 

I hope you would see the hidden messages and meaning that this story have. Thank you for continuous support. I would definitely get back sooner and check out your works too. 🙂

Gracias Amigas! 


2 thoughts on “Twinkle twinkle, You’re the Star.

    • newelleaidee says:

      Hello Nyse! 🙂 Thank you for your appreciation. I’m glad for that. I’ve been inactive in the WordPress for the past two weeks because of some reasons, but I hope I could write the second part tonight. 🙂 God bless you too!

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