Yummy Styled Fried rice for less than $1.00

Amidst of my busy days, having research papers, analysis, deadline on Tuesday, events and activities that are all need to be done, here I am, wanting to have a break from all those things above.

I’ve been inactive here in WordPress for almost…a month? Yes, it’s quite long and I haven’t written any post since the last one that I had last September and I haven’t visited my few kind followers which I really need to do ASAP after finishing all my tasks above. Hopefully, by October 21, I can get back here again. Sigh. 

But for now, *insert drum roll* for a change, I will do this food blogging! The first ever! 

Feeling exhausted from my routines and from the thoughts running ceaselessly in my head, I decided to share what I did just a few hours ago. 

At home, when mother and father is not yet arriving from work and only me and my younger brother is left, of course I need to take charge in the household chores, specially in cooking. 

This is our scenario at home. My mother will cook the meal in the morning and that includes the rice which is already good for the whole day, for morning, lunch and dinner. 

We don’t want some cold rice for dinner  and so, I sometimes cook another rice for dinner and just put the leftover rice inside the rice cooker for it to be reheated and sometimes, I make fried rice out of the leftover rice or cold rice —just what I did today for dinner. 

For an average family from where I belong, (Philippine settings) we sometimes have groceries at house and sometimes we don’t have or it already ran out and so, there comes the little grocery stores or what we simply called as sari-sari store which can be seen in almost every corner of the street. 

We don’t have the ingredients that I need to make a fried rice and so I called my brother and asked him to buy the ingredients that I need, but I remembered that my dear parents didn’t left even a coin for us, so I just budget the reasonable amount that I still have in my wallet. 

Please refer to the the pictures above.

These are the ingredients that we bought: 

• 2 hot dogs 

• a small pack of ketchup 

• an instant noodles to complete the meal.

The ingredients that I’ve used:

• 2 hot dogs

•.Coconut oil

• Soyy sauce (two tablespoon)

• ketchup 

• salt (a reasonable amount)

• 2 cloves of garlic 

The steps to cook the fried rice.

1. I crushed the leftover rice using the ladle and a fork. (Usually, I use my bare hand to crush the rice.)

2. After crushing the rice, I set it aside and do the chopping of the garlic and the hot dogs.

3. Put the frying pan in the stove and put a minimal amount of heat just to warm up the pan. After a few seconds, when the pan is already hot, I put the coconut oil.

4. Saute the chopped garlic and when it’s already golden brown, I set it aside on the frying pan and pour the sliced hot dogs to make it fried.

5. I mix the cooked hot dogs and the fried garlic and put the stove in a low heat then I poured the crushed rice and change the heat to average after, and left it just like that for a few seconds. 

6. I mix the rice with the cooked hot dogs and fried garlic, put a reasonable amount of salt, the soy sauce and mix it again until I already mix well the ingredients. Then I left it again for a minute. 

7. I put the ketchup for the finale and mix it again until I’m satisfied, then I left it again for about 3 minutes so that the rice will be fried in good form with all the ingredients in it. 

8. I stirred the mixture and leave it for another 3 minutes so that the other half will be fried and so the entire rice with the ingredients will be totally fried.

9. Before I finish the fried rice, I boil 1 and a half cup of water on a pot and put the instant noodles in it when it reached the boiling point and after a few minutes, I turned off the stove and boila — it’s all done! 

That’s my Yummy Styled Fried rice for less than a dollar. 

It’s as simple as that. It’s very affordable and when my parents got home, they didn’t scold me and my father was happy for what I did. 😊 And for me, that’s one of the reasons why I did my styled cooking — well, the other one is because I’m craving and just too hungry. Haha. 

As for everyone, for teens, for parents and for everybody out there, cooking is one of our routine in our daily living and food is one of our major needs to take in for us to survive and continue to live. But I know, we all do the cooking, in order to satisfy our hunger, our needs and specially —to make our loved ones happy, smiling and delighted for what we serve to them. And that is the heart of cooking. 

Whether it’s as simple as what I did, or you just fried an egg, or make a full course meal, it’s still the same, if you’re cooking and pouring your heart on it, it will always be special, delicious and satisfying! And if it’s the other way around, obviously, there will be nothing special about it and it won’t have a meaning. 

In everything that we do, we must always put our hearts on it, so that we’re not just doing based on the status quo, but we’re doing it out of love and enjoyment and it that way, we’ll all be satisfied with a happy heart and smiles on our faces. 


Thank you so much for taking some time to read my blog today! I hope you had some fun and I’ll be sooo glad to hear your thoughts about what I wrote in here. And if you just feel to check out my other works and follow me, please feel free to do and the pleasure is all mine. Have a good day and God bless. 



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