Unraveling the Depths


It’s been a while and now I’m back.

In the world, mysteries, anomalies and philosophies does always exist.

The change, the struggle, the forces and their inevitable effects can’t be resist.

Wars, complex social issues, confusion and insecurity are arising.

And I don’t even know if a time will come when all races could join hands while dancing.
Thoughts are always being asked to be outspoken.

It’s like what you’re thinking of and your opinions need to be taken.

But how about if you just wanted to keep it just for yourself?

And how about if you wanted to speak out but then you feel like no one even cares at all?
The world has been affecting you ever since you were born, being raised as a child and up to now that you are grown up.

Certain things, situations and people have made you who you are today.

They could be good, bad, crazy and chaotic.

And you, you have developed a coping – but more like defense mechanism to protect yourself.

You have built walls, walls and another walls over the walls so that the world can’t harm you.

But in the process, you have been making yourself unreachable and made you to the point where in you can’t reach out.

You have been wondering – would there be a time where someone could finally understand what you’ve been through, what you’re going through and who you truly are.

Someone who could unravel your bold thoughts, curiosity, wild ideas and even your imaginary paradise and dark views which exists all inside your incredible and fascinating mind.

Someone who could understand – someone who could see through your bloodshot eyes.

Someone who could unravel you – able to analyze your actions, body language, your simple flinching, fiddling fingers and even your very own demeanor.

Someone who could break through the walls that you’ve built – reach out to your heart and let the light in.

Someone who could make you feel and know love – a one word which can make your heart open.

Someone who could unravel your darkest fears, your inner motives, your mischievous side, your hidden intentions, your childish side and even your sweet and lovely side.

Someone who could help you achieve your wildest dreams, and make you feel hopeful for every single day that you’re with him.

To unravel your depths means too much to simply put into words what and who you truly are.

And the most complicated and complex word that is associated with it is the TRUST.

How could you find someone you can trust? Where and when would it come? Who would it be?

Are you willing to let yourself be naked – do you really want someone to unravel you?

The answer lies ahead on your soul.

Know what makes you really happy.

It will take a lot of time and courage. But when everything has finally fall into their rightful places – you can’t resist and deny it.

You can finally reach the clouds wherein magical and amazing things awaits.

Unraveling the depths.


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