Vibes for the  day – Relieved

It’s time to just be happy. Being sad, angry, and over thinking isn’t worth it anymore. Just let the things flow. Be positive. 


Precious and Gold

On a quiet starry night, you locked yourself in a room. 

Enjoying the moment, letting yourself lost in the gloom. 

With your damp eyes, you will fall asleep soon. 

With your only companion, no one but the moon. 
In the middle of the night, 

You’re hugging yourself so tight. 

No one would ever know your sight, 

And there’s no wrong, there’s no right. 
Whatever manner the world has treated you,

Remember that there are still some beautiful view. 

Whatever judgement they have told, 

They can’t bring you down, you have a strong hold.
You might stumble and be shaken, 

And from that point, you will be awaken. 

You have to be still, but don’t let yourself be silent. 

Stand and show off to the world your real talent. 
Amidst of the darkness lurking around. 

Let the fire burning within you make a loud sound. 

You are more than precious and gold than what you think you are. 

You can even stand and put up a good fight against a war. 
The harsh rain of the night will bother and give you trouble. 

But the blinding shining rays of the sun will make you noble. 

And from here on, you will find a new strength, with a new hope and courage. 

Your spirit will dance in delight, spreading warmth all throughout. 
You will smile, ready to give a go. 

Your eyes are blazing anew, different from a while ago. 

Within you, something is about to boom. 

You are more than precious and gold, you are now ready to blossom and bloom. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73
Hello everyone. I’m feeling good tonight. Thank you for dropping by on my blog!  I hope this piece of poetry will also make y’all feeling good and better. It’s my intention after all. If it wouldn’t be a bother, I hope you could also visit some of my works and I’ll be always happy to hear what you think of them. Have a great day and God bless. 

The Sweetest Freedom

“We are masterpieces created by the Greatest Creator of the universe.”

In our lives, we often take that fact for granted. Like nothing is so special on how God created us and has given us such a significant life to live. 

Problems, hardships, trials and obstacles are always there, making us struggle with pain and fears inside insidiously making its way all through our being, ready to eat us whole. 

The positive side amidst of all those negativity which surround us, is that we always have the freedom to decide what and how to react in combating these every day depressive things. We have the freedom to create. It is the sweetest freedom. Create what we want to happen in our lives. 

Start with your mind. You can create positive thoughts at the beginning of the day, like telling yourself, “I’m going to enjoy this day”. On that particular moment, you are already programming your whole system that whatever comes on your way for that particular day, you are ready enough so as not to be letting yourself down, moping around. 

Create your mood. You are free to decide and create what you want to feel in a certain situation you where in. You’re sad, then find a laughter around you and even inside you, it helps. It really does. Just create it. You will feel much better and ready again to face whatever saddening things are on your way. Try it and you will see. 

Create the desires of your heart. As a unique individual among billions of people in the entire world, you have been given such gifts and talents within you, maybe they are already been out and you just have to make improvements and progress to make it better or maybe some still needs to be harnessed. But the important thing is that whatever you have at the moment, use it, make wonderful works out of it. Create. Make use of your talents. Create your own Forte. Create your niche in this world. 

It is true, scientifically speaking or not, we always have the capacity and abilities to create our own reality. 

“You are what you believe you are.”

Our body does have limitations, our minds does not have. You have dreams, dreams so great enough that sounds crazy to some people who don’t give a care on how human beings were created in a profound manner. Create your path towards those dreams. Create the reality where you want to be get stuck happily for a lifetime here on earth. 

“You have visions, create its blueprint and start making little steps to progress. And the most important thing to remember in the process is that, you can’t stop. You don’t stop and you must not stop.”

I have once read a beautiful paragraph coming from a 1994 inaugural speech that it is not the darkness within us that we are afraid of. Instead, it’s the light. Like who are we not to be brilliant, talented and fabulous? Where in fact, actually, who are we NOT to be? 

The Greatest Creator created us and our playing small does not serve the world. There is no good in shrinking ourselves so that other people won’t feel unsure around us. 

Remember, we are born to manifest the glory of God that is within us, because we are His masterpieces, and He is our Greatest Creator. He will always guide us and be with us in our every step ahead. 

So with everything that is within us, we have to make use of them. In the face of all the drowning forces, we must stand. We must not be afraid to go out of our comfort zone. We must take the risks. Create our forte. Create our own niches. Create the reality that we want. Create the desires of our hearts. Create. Just don’t stop. Life is full of uncertainties, yes, that’s why we must do everything to enjoy every bit of it. 

You must not stop yourself to shine oh so bright. 

You are gorgeous. 

You are talented. 

You are fabulous. 

Create. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73

Guten tag! It’s been a while again my dear friends. I’ve been dealing with lots of things on the past few weeks and it’s really a good thing to post again. I hope you like what I wrote and mostly, may it be some of help to you guys, as it is for me. Writing this does really help me too. Have a great day in wherever you are across the world. God bless! 😊