One Step at a Time

Buzzes, hassles, keeping you on a rush.
With hair all mussed up, you even forgot it to brush.
And there were times that you would like to hide behind the bush.
Just as to find an escape, not a wall to crush.

There were occasions that you thought that what you’re doing is not enough.
And that the road ahead of you is long and tough.
The results you’ve been seeing are small and rough.
Then all you could do is anything but laugh.

Sometimes you’d be so caught up, hands down.
No one might even notice that you need a clown.
At the end of the day, you still have to put your gown.
And still hope for your desired crown.

Small things that you’ve done might not be quickly appreciated.
Your efforts might not be accredited.
Sacrifices, micro or not, couldn’t be accepted.
The road is long, be still, there are lessons that could be accumulated.

Stand firm, take a step forward.
One foot at a time, don’t be a coward.
You might not have seen it yet, but persistence comes with a reward.
In the end, surely, you’ll get your award.

Hello! Thank you for taking your time reading this poem. You could also check out some of my works if you want. And I’d be so happy to hear your thoughts about them.

Have a great day!


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