About the Writer 

Greetings to all the people in the world! 😊

My pseudonym is Elle Dee and you can call me Elle or as simple as L.

I’m from the tropical and wonderful country of the Philippines.

I’m filled with quirkiness and weirdness with sugar, spice and everything nice – and just a little bit of chemical X to complete the mixture…

Then BOOM! = ME. #^_^#

I believe each of us have their significance and unique roles to perform and purpose to fulfilled.

This is my second account in WordPress but my old account was already gone and so, this is my new and active account.

I was usually inactive for some reasons. So, my works are still few but I hope that you would like to take some time and check them out and I’ll be really glad to hear your feedbacks that will be used for my improvements. 😊

All my works are copyrighted. 🙂

Copyrighted.com Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73

Let’s all be friends and diminish the negative barriers that are keeping us distant from one another. Let’s live in harmony and accordance that will glorify our Great God. 🙂

God bless everyone!



5 thoughts on “About the Writer 

  1. Neo Star Slash says:

    Hi Elle, congratulations for the blog, your writings “The Fire Within Me” and “Astral Projection (My own experience)” were very intersting!

    Liked by 1 person

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