Precious and Gold

On a quiet starry night, you locked yourself in a room. 

Enjoying the moment, letting yourself lost in the gloom. 

With your damp eyes, you will fall asleep soon. 

With your only companion, no one but the moon. 
In the middle of the night, 

You’re hugging yourself so tight. 

No one would ever know your sight, 

And there’s no wrong, there’s no right. 
Whatever manner the world has treated you,

Remember that there are still some beautiful view. 

Whatever judgement they have told, 

They can’t bring you down, you have a strong hold.
You might stumble and be shaken, 

And from that point, you will be awaken. 

You have to be still, but don’t let yourself be silent. 

Stand and show off to the world your real talent. 
Amidst of the darkness lurking around. 

Let the fire burning within you make a loud sound. 

You are more than precious and gold than what you think you are. 

You can even stand and put up a good fight against a war. 
The harsh rain of the night will bother and give you trouble. 

But the blinding shining rays of the sun will make you noble. 

And from here on, you will find a new strength, with a new hope and courage. 

Your spirit will dance in delight, spreading warmth all throughout. 
You will smile, ready to give a go. 

Your eyes are blazing anew, different from a while ago. 

Within you, something is about to boom. 

You are more than precious and gold, you are now ready to blossom and bloom. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73
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Has been Filthy and has been cleansed.

I am a sinner. 

I may feel bad and filthy, but I know I am better. 

For in God’s hands I found a letter. 

Something privilege that He offer.
I’ve been stubborn and acted out.

My life has been full of doubt. 

But I know I am better, for it’s the Light that I can’t live without. 
Every day is filled with temptations. 

Each of them can shake my reputations, 

If I give in so easily without best calculations. 
As the sun set in the west, I try to ask for forgiveness. 

For my heart is restless,

Until He forgive me, raise me up again and I can’t careless. 
God is merciful and just. 

Every wrongdoing He can forgive so fast.

For His unconditional love never cease for us.
Jesus is the only way, the truth and the Light.  

I believe, trust and have faith in Him, and He is with me to fight. 

With Him and through Him, I know I am better and best for I can reach every height. 
I am thankful for His life that He gave.

I am blessed for my life that He has saved. 

The banner of my love and adoration for Him I will always wave. Registered & Protected  DTQI-QPBC-SHNW-SO73

Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted here. Lots of things had happened and I just can’t afford to write with me being so bothered. But here I am now, thankfully. I missed the WordPress world so much. I hope I will be writing more soon. 😃 

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You are you

Even gold, crystals, diamonds and rubies.

They twinkle, shine and glimmer differently.

Just like us  – human beings. 

We ain’t born similar to each other.

Yet, you have your own light that shines so bright.

Let the world to see, how wonderful you are.

For you are you.

You are beautiful, inside and out and

people around you latch on to that. 

You have an eternal flame inside you that never dies. 

Plus a beautiful soul which is full of warmth and kindness. 

Your soul is noble, pure and mature 

For you are you.

You are magical.

Oh yes! You are. 

That one word which describes your life is powerful and depicts everything. 

You are pretty and gorgeous just the way you are.

Lift your head’s up, smile and learn to dance in the rain.

This is your life, live it just the way you like.

Just do the right things and it’ll be fine.

And nothing’s gonna stop you.

For you are you.

Your life is beautiful. 

You love loyalty, hate liars and care about friendship. 

You live life to the fullest for you have an undying charm and charisma inside.

You are exciting, adventurous, fun and full of love, worth living, wonderful and memorable. 

Living a life that many have dreamed of. 

You are you.

You are like a rose.

A symbol of all that is beautiful in this world.

A rose which showers its fragrance upon all the people around you.

You! Oh yes, you are.

The key to your heart is simple yet beautiful.

You need very little in life, but what you need is truly wonderful. 

You need someone who can put a smile on your face and make you laugh. 

For life is all about being happy and smiling.

You! You are you.



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