Rebirth of the passionate light amidst the darkness.

Short story – Second part of Twinkle twinkle, you’re the star.

Second part of Twinkle Twinkle, You’re the Star.

I was awestruck. 

The warm tear doesn’t stop, it became tears – unceasingly springing from my two eyes, from the depths of my soul.

My eyes – that has been cold. It has been cold through life’s different weather. 

I lay down, on the grass, aware of it being cold and little wet due to the cold breeze that the air brings. I feel it, against my back. 

I look at the lamp, it’s beside me, still not yet tested if it still works.

I cupped my face, tears doesn’t stop…

I don’t know why.

…don’t know the reasons…

In the middle of my mournful cry, a loud thunder rolls from the sky.

My heart feels like it’ll jump put of my chest.

I curled up. Unsure if I’m still safe, in the midst of open field with nothing but darkness and uncertainties. 

Unsure if I’d be broken by the sound of the thunder, and the lightning that’ll hit me anytime soon.

I need to get out of here, I know, and so I stand. My mournful cries are starting to quiet down.


There’s a small voice in my head that’s holding me back. 

And as I heard her voice, a lightning came down from the sky again.

My eyes has been automatically shut as my knees comes trembling and so I slumped back to the cold grasses – looking like inviting me more to stay.

But I should take my leave now.

I’m afraid. I should really leave now.

I need to try the lamp that I have with me, I just hope it’ll be of use.

I search for the matchbox that I have on my pocket, and I got it already in a little time.


It comes again.

But I don’t need to waste my time wandering longer here in the open field, completely vulnerable.

With my two naked eyes, I still manage to see the lamp opening and the match that I have to use. 

At last! The lamp has been lighted and I can go back to where I used to be. 

The light is really comforting and it’s nice to see —

Don’t leave! 

What? I think my insanity is really hitting me hard now.

I stand up and dust off the grasses on my clothes.

I said wait! Don’t leave! 

Oh yes, I’m not wrong.I think I really need to go now and rest and sleep inside my room. Oh, I forgot, I still need to finish my paperworks, do my thing and think of my still to do’s list  —

Stop! Don’t runaway from me again! 

Shut up now!

I’m done. I yelled back to that voice inside my head, but looks like it’s effective and so I began to walk away.


What? Don’t listen to her. She’s so loud and I must ignore her.

I continue my steps, guided and slow paces away from the pitch dark world lurking at my back. 

I must not look back. 

Anytime soon, I might here her speaks again, so I must be quick —


Wait, why do I feel like…

…she’s… begging me…though she’s shouting… 


I was stunned. 

What should I do now…

My heart…it’s racing and I suddenly feel sadness and feel so fragile. 

What is this? 

The emotions are swelling up…I can’t move…

My knees are trembling again, much shakey this time and I feel weaker.

The thunder roll again in the dark skies, much louder and the lightning came down too, much fiercely this time.

All of a sudden, tiny drops of rain falls from the sky.

Don’t leave me…

The emotions are hitting me so much more. I can’t…

Please…stop…  I plead, holding my chest as I slumped back again, kneeling now in the cold wet and muddy grasses.

The tiny drops of rain are becoming harsh and loud this time, and I can’t hold on my barricades now…

I loose my grip on the lamp, it falls on the grasses and been overpowered by the rain water on it – it died. 

This time, I have really lost the barricades that I have around me – I cry.

I cry much louder, much harder, much stronger and much deeper. 

Please…hear me out…

The small voice continue to beg.

I’m all done.

I can’t go now. You made this, right?

I even managed to answer back and asked her.

I’m still crying…my whole body is trembling now – because of the cold rain, thunder rolls, lightning and fear. 

Fear of myself – the real me.

She’s been quiet for a moment and I became impatient and so I speak out loud.

What now?! I knew it! You’re just a pigment of my imagination! 

You’re not real! But why?! Why… 

…why are you causing this so much emotions in me?!

I’m still crying really hard, fearful of what is happening to me right now.

In the midst of the heavy rain and my ceaseless tears, I open my eyes.

I somehow seeing something in front of me. I closed my eyes again and tried to re adjust it. 

And as I open it again – there, I see…


…the small me, the child me.

But, she looks like…frail, fragile, she must be happy, but no…the happiness in her eyes has been gone, she looks quite sad, the happiness in her eyes has been taken away from her…

…her ignorance and innocence has been gone too…

Who?…who made her like this?

This child must be lively, livelier, healthy, innocent, ignorant, playful, peaceful, full of fun, happiness and satisfaction – but what happened? 

Who?! Who made her like this? Who caused her to become like this —

She’s reaching out her hands to me, she’s crying… 

I felt a strong urge to hold her hands and so I extend my hands to her and —

It’s me.

It’s me…the one…

…the one who…who caused this…to her.

I collapsed. Totally fell down on the muddy wet grasses on the ground. 

In just a snap, all the things that I’ve lived with beginning from the years of my existence that I first have my consciousness, were all revealed in me. 

The things that I first loved, the things that I like, the things that I usually love to do, the things that makes me happy, my hobbies that I’m fond of, my own authentic and dry jokes that makes me laugh, the silly me that I actually like, the people that matters to me, my dreams, the simple things that once made me enjoy a worry free kind of life, the significance of everything that I have in my life.

And in the other hand, the things that I should not worry about, the things that I once thought that will benefit me and the end is not what I expected, the things that I’m prioritizing which eats up all my time for some other things that matters most, the negative thinking that I usually possess that brings nothing but a hot head and a bad day for me. My ambitions that made me selfish, and all the negative and wrong things that I’ve done which made me suffer.

The realizations hit me, really great and hard.

I’ve been crying the whole time, no sounds coming from my mouth, just the sounds in my surrounding.

I want to live a life, an authentic, lively and happy life – not to just exist and render the years that I have, full of regrets and negativity! 

I want to enjoy and do the things that I love to do! I won’t tolerate anymore the toxic in my life. 

I must guard myself so I won’t be loose my authenticity and the real me – not to gurad myself and be hard and conformed in this world’s systems.

I’ve said the words – we’ve said the words in unison. 

I smile. A genuine, blissful smile. 

I’ve noticed that the sound of the rain became quiet, more or less, the rain is going to stop anytime soon, I guess.

I lift up my face that hit the muddy ground, and raise my body in a kneeling sitting position. 

I opened my eyes, still wearing the blissful smile.

The rain has stopped. 

The dark clouds has been gone. 

Just in time, the stars and the moon appears. It’s as if smiling and looking at me. 

The dark lonely skies has been brightened up – and became a blissful, beautiful night sky

I suddenly notice the little child, she’s beside me, the small me.

Her look has changed.  

She noticed me looking at her and she look at me. 

She smile. A very warm smile that sends comfort and serenity in my heart. 

She has totally changed. She has gained back her true form, the look that she must really have in the first place.

The playful, innocent, happy, carefree, ignorant, peaceful and healthy look of a child. 

I’m glad. I’m really glad, looks like she feels the same way. 

Thank you…

She finally said and hug me. 

I have closed my eyes and when I open it again, she’s already gone.

I look down on myself, seeing my body soaked in mud. 

I laugh. Really hard. I actually missed it.

I know she’s just here within me. 

I have recollected and reunited with all the passion that I have in my life. 

The moon’s light is shining brighter and the twinkling shine of the stars are dancing in the skies, as if greeting me in delight.

They really must.

For this is the rebirth of the passionate light amidst the darkness.

They really must delight. 

I’m coming back, much better than before.

And there’s no turning back.

Hello there! If you happen to read this one, this is the second part and I am gladly inviting you to check out the first part of this story. 🙂 

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Twinkle twinkle, You’re the Star.

A short story – new work

A short story

Part 1

Amidst the dark and peaceful night sky, I stand.

I was there, staring and intently observing everything that I can see. 

For this very moment, I always come to feel and think…almost everything. 

The things that I’ve done, either right or wrong, and the things that I’ve seen, either good or bad.

The emotions that I’ve felt and received, and the feelings that I’ve shown and gave.

I glance at the night sky, again. It’s really dark. No moon, no stars, no light. 

But the wind is blowing hard and cold. 

It made me shiver and hug myself.

As of the moment, I have nothing to do and so I decided to stay. 

There’s no beauty in the night sky – it’s just dark, plain, lonely and sad, nothing more and nothing less.

The overwhelming emotions and thoughts came down on me. 

I would like to lay down. On the soft grasses. Not on the cold hard ground.

But then I don’t know where to go. 

I don’t know the perfect spot.

I then remembered, I have a lamp with me. Unlighted and not yet been tested if it would still light-up.

When I was still young, a child, an innocent, completely flawless and untainted person, I remembered something. 

I glance up to the sky again. It’s as if talking to me, yet I can’t hear it. 

The cold wind blew hard again, as my lips formed a tight line. 

It whispered…something…about…me.

..the stars.

There’s no stars. I’ve whispered back.

The wind blew hard again.
There’s no stars, I’ve repeat  it. 

Twinkle…   it says. 


There’s no stars.

There’s no twinkling stars.

I’ve said it loud enough as a response. 

Then a lightning came. 

I was surprised and got nervous, and so it made me sit.

But then at least I’ve seen, it lightens up the dark night skies…even for a split seconds.

I smiled. And a warm tear rolled down in my cold cheek. 

I’ve felt as if my whole life flashes before my eyes.

I was awestruck. 

to be continued—–

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You – A masterpiece and a work in progress. 

In this very moment, You are both a masterpiece and a work in progress.


“It’s not how big the mistakes you’ve done that will define who you are – it’s how you face, overcome and correct them.”

We are humans. 

We live, we laugh, we cry, we enjoy, we’re overwhelmed, we’re swayed, we’re fooled, we’re tempted – we make mistakes.

In every second,minute and hour of our everyday living in this world, the truth is, every time – we are prone to make mistakes. How? – by being indecisive, confused, tempted and unknowledgeable. 

We are humans – and we are not perfect.

“We are imperfect people living in an imperfect world.” Seems similar? Yes. Sounds good? No.

Mistakes are almost similar to sins. Almost. Mistakes will just become sins if that particular mistake that you’ve done violates the will of God. 

It’s a natural thing for people to have mistakes in everyday living of their lives.

You are deciding on something, yet you didn’t follow your intuition or you follow your intuition but in the end – you’ve made a mistake.

The clouds seems dark and the wind is blowing hard, yet you forgot to bring your umbrella – you’ve made a mistake.

Your day seems bad and you got home, had a fight with your mom just because of you and your hot head, and in the end, you feel like so guilty because it’s you who caused the fight that on the first place, you didn’t want to happen – you’ve made a mistake.

You are answering your test paper during exams and you know that you’ve study well, but on some questions, you haven’t got the correct answers – you’ve made a mistake.

You’are in a relationship that on the first place, you’ve thought that you and him/her will be good together forever, yet, looks like you’re wrong, both of you broke-up after a while and screwing everything about him/her after – you’ve made a mistake. 

You are happily playing Pokémon GO outside your house and accidentally tripped on a rock or worst, you’ve come down on an open manhole – you’ve made a mistake.

There are lots of mistakes that you might encounter and experience, yet, don’t take them all negatively. 

Be optimistic and think that your past mistakes will help you shape your today and your today’s mistake will help you shape your tomorrow. 

“Don’t let your mistakes bring you down.”

Remember, you are made by the Greatest Creator in the entire universe. 

For Him, you are worthy and perfect no matter how many mistakes you make – He created you – You are a masterpiece. 

Whenever you are feeling down and so down, because of your everyday struggle in this world and because of dealing with your mistakes, Do not give-up.

“And the worst part is, before it gets any better we’re headed for a cliff. And in the free fall I will realize, I’m better off when I hit the bottom.”    – Hayley Williams / Paramore

Mistakes are part of your everday life to help you learn, grow and become better than your yesterday. Consider them as thrills in your life. You are a work in progress. 

If you might end up in a dead end -change your route. And of you fall off from a cliff, it’s still not the end – climb up or adapt and explore the place wherein you fell. Move forward. Don’t stop.
Though sometimes, of all the things that you do and you’ve done, the only thing that people see from you is your mistakes – do not let them shaken and weaken you. 

Always bear in your heart and mind and in the entirety of you – In this very moment, You are both a masterpiece and a work in progress. 

Mistakes can be erase without a trace. 

But a mistake that is consciously done twice or more, it’s not a mistake anymore – it’s a choice, and in there,  you will start to leave traces that will be hard for you to erase. 

Still, don’t loose hope. 

The traces will be hard for you to erase, yet, in due time, with your full effort and will to, it would be possible for you to have an upgraded eraser or the best part – another sheet of paper, all new. 

Move forward and leave your regrets.   Our mistakes are sometimes turned into secrets. 

Publicly, personally or secretively, you will be forgiven in your mistakes as you ask for forgiveness.                                     In that case, you will receive true happiness.                                                     And as you move forward with those two, there is something that will be restored – your liveliness. 



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Sometimes, Words Are Not Enough.

Your words aren’t enough – your body will state what’s the obvious.

Do you get happy?  Do you get sad?

Do you get afraid? Do you get excited? 

Do you get confused? Do you get shocked?

Do you get irritated and do you get angry?

Of course – you do.Each of us do. 

We all get happy, sad, afraid, excited, confused, irritated and angry in different times and in different situations. 

However, words alone can’t describe whether you are happy at the moment and then get sad later on;               whether you are irritated and angry at the same time and your feelings for that particular time has been expressed by words yet, they are still not enough to state the obvious reason why you’re being as such. Then what’s next? – you cry.

Sometimes, people around can’t find out what’s the obvious thing about what you are feeling, why you are doing such things, and why are you acting like that.

It’s hard. It’s hard not to be understood. 

It’s really hard not to see the obvious things about you – like no one can’t understand you. But I believe, if you’re not being understood by those persons around you, the natural thing will happen. Whether you are happy, sad, angry, and irritated, the key to state the obvious situation you were in is – your tears.

Personally, when I get overwhelmed by happiness and my body is responding to it, I get hyped – that’s the obvious thing. But when I get irritated and angry at the same time, and my mother doesn’t understand me by the words and reasons that I’ve told her – I cry. Yes. I still cry. That’s the natural way that my body do to state the obvious thing about me, that my mother can’t understand. Crying is the only way for her to figure out.

And you know what? Whenever I cry, the most obvious thing about me, is that I used to cry like a 5 year old child who didn’t get what she wants. 

There are lots of things for you to figure out the obvious things about the people around you. You must be aware and approachable. 

Some people doesn’t want others to see through them and what they do is they keep hiding the obvious facts about them. 

“Whether it is good or bad – the truth will always find it’s way to come out and express the obvious what abouts of you.”

When it comes to expressing your feelings, some can’t really express themselves freely and clearly because of different reasons. Yet, body language is in there to express your obvious agenda to the person you are expressing yourself with. 

There are still some people who can’t really find out the obvious in an obvious situation or person. Those persons obviously shows who they are. 

If you have something within you that you’ve been keeping just with yourself alone and you feel like you’ve been greatly affected by it negatively, have someone to listen to you. 

If you are emotionally and mentally depressed, don’t make your worries filed up until you’re fully loaded – release it. 

You have to let others see and know what’s the obvious thing about you, for you not to get anxious and be am obnoxious kind of person. 


Have a great day everyone! God bless. 

What’s the obvious thing about me? – I’m your night and shining armor and I like the moment cam app! 🙂

What’s your Miniatures?

Share what’s yours. I would love to hear it.

Have you tried building or constructing a miniature something? 

Maybe a miniature toy character, a miniature car, a miniature house – a miniature you. 

Me? I’ve done them all. Let’s start with the literal meaning of the word miniature. 

I’m going to tell a short story about me. When I was on my high school years, I’ve decided to be in the shop or a particular subject skills of Drafting Technology. It was all about arts from the basic up to the architectural/engineering level. 

When I was already at my 4th year, 4th grading period, my teacher/instructor have told us to make a miniature house, and of course before we are able to make a miniature house, we’ve been through lots of things first – the sketching, the planning, measuring, scaling, the materials and of course, the perspective view, or the real image of the house in different perspective. Before the end of the grading, we’re able to make a miniature house – like a real engineer.. Yippee! And of course, it’s a whole set, the landscape, the roof, the rooms, the furniture and the decorations. It’s kinda look like my dream house. 🙂

It’s not an easy thing to do, yes. But if you love what you are doing, then in the process, enjoyment is all you’re gonna feel. 

Based from the dictionary that I have with me, miniature is defined as a small version of something; a model of reduced scale.

Miniature can be the small version of whatever you might think or do, a model of something which is reduced in smaller scale. 

Let’s now go to the deeper meaning of it. 

“Whenever you are planning on something or whatever you are planning to do, it was already created and already happened in your mind.”

When you are thinking or planning, the creation already takes place in your mind. Then when you’ve already done the plan and achieved what you want to have, it’s all done already. However, what do you think comes in between these two? 

We’re not always perfect and on the right timing every time to finish our plan right away – there goes the miniature, your miniatures. What’s your miniatures?

For instance, when you were still a child and too ignorant and innocent in this world’s flow, haven’t you done something like playing cooking with your miniatures cooking materials? You wanted to be a chef that time and you’re not yet capable of that plan, you’ve settled first in your miniatures cooking materials. 

Also, when you are planning to be a model, an actress, a flight attendant, you are going to go through first to the training and in that process, you are just few steps away from your plan. But for that particular moment, your plan of becoming what you want is just on a smaller scale, you’are still on the small version of a real flight attendant. 

When you are trying to experiment on something, are you going to try it in the big one right away or practice first in the smaller one? Of course – you will do it on the smaller model first. 

There are lots of miniatures that you can consider in your life and in living in this world. 

Miniatures are really a great help actually, for it may be something you need for and will help you before you consider coming right away or jump right away to the main thing in your life.

Always remeber, failures are allowed in the miniature. Yet, you have to learn and earn different things for you to be able to move forward and finally achieve your goal. 

We are human creatures living in this nature, with a big smile showing out our dentures, while seeking adventures in our different life ventures. 

What’s your miniatures? Share what’s  yours. 🙂 

Say “I Love You” In Fifty Languages. 

3 words, 8 letters – I LOVE YOU
❤ English – I love you

Filipino – Mahal kita

Japanese – Aishiteru or Anata ga daisuki desu

Mandarin – Wo ai ni

Taiwanese – Wa ga ei li

Cambodian – Soro lahn nhee ah

Thai – Phom rak khun

Tunisian – Ha eh bak 

French – Je t’aime, Je t’adore

German – Ich liebe dich

Greek – S’agapo

Czech – Miluji te

Dutch – Ik hou van jou

Armenian – Yes kez sirumem
Croatian – Volim te

Bulgarian – Obicham te

Ethiopian – Afgreki’

Afrikaans – Ek het jou lief

Finnish – Mina rakastan sinua

Georgian – Mikvarhar

Hawaiian – Aloha Au Ia`oe

Icelandic – Eg elska tig

To female
 – “ani ohev otach” (said by male) “ohevet Otach” (said by female)
To male “ani ohev otcha” (said by male) “Ohevet ot’cha” (said by female)

Irish – Taim i’ ngra leat

Italian – Ti amo

Hungarian – Szeretlek

Korean – Sarang Heyo or Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida 

Latin – Te amo

Macedonian – Te Sakam 

Malay – Saya cintakan mu / Aku cinta padamu 

Latvian – Es tevi miilu

Lebanese – Bahibak

Lithuanian – Tave myliu

Moroccan – Ana moajaba bik

Luxembourgeois – Ech hun dech gaer 

 – Jeg elsker deg
Nyonrsk – Eg elskar deg

Persian – Doo-set daaram

Polish – Kocham Ciebie

Russian – Ya tebya liubliu

Portuguese – Eu te amo

Romanian – Te iubesc

Polish – Kocham Ciebie

Portuguese – Eu te amo

Romanian – Te iubesc

Russian – Ya tebya liubliu
Serbian – Volim te

Spanish – Te quiero / Te amo

Swedish – Jag alskar dig

Swiss-German – Ich lieb Di

Turkish – Seni Seviyorum


“3 words, 8 letters – I love you

 I want to thank all of my supporters. 🙂 I love you all from the bottom of my heart! ❤❤❤

Jeopardized Goals

Take one step at a time, don’t rush.


“Be aware of every steps that you take as you walk along the journey, for even just a little trip, the reason why you’re in a journey will be jeopardized.”

Do you have something to do for this day? For this month? Or for this year?

Have you set some goals to meet and then later on, you will just realize that you were not able to do it?

Or you are nearly almost there to your goal, yet something has happened and you were just there – regretting things over and over again, because of what?

Because your goals has been jeopardized.

And the big question for that matter is…WHY??!

Of course, there are some underlying questions and we need to consider different factors as to why, how and what happened – that you ended up with goals being jeopardized.

“Don’t let your yesterday take too much of  your today.”

Almost every human, living in this restless world has their own purpose to live with, mission to take, path to walk, and goals to achieve. 

Just almost, because people who are contented to be lazy for their entire life are still around and existing in this world. 

Whether you are a business tycoon, engineer, accountant, doctor, professor, parent, a student or simply a child, for each day that you wake-up, deny it or not, you have set a certain goal in your life for that particular day or moment wherein you will do your best or everything that you can – to achieve it – yet your chances to achieve it were seriously jeopardized. 

What are you going to do then?

We struggle, we fight and we face each day’s obstacles and challenges that this world might throw upon us in order to achieve our goals. 

We focus, we learn and we adapt in order for us to be well equipped as we go along the journey to get on our target. 

But, there’s go the big… BUT, that goes along to our big question WHY??!

“But remember, there are different factors that will hinder you to achieve the things that you desire – and you might ended up jeopardizing your own goals.”

If your goals has been jeopardized one, you must take at look at these factors: 

First, you must know the environment you are living in. What do you think? Does it affect that way you supposed to act and do the things that you needed to do? Does it contribute as to why your goal has been jeopardized?

Your environment includes your social life – your schoolmates, your friends as well as your family. Also, you might as well take a look at any social event you’ve been in. 

Yet, the primary factor that we must take a look and focus on is us – our own selves.

“Working hard won’t mean and cause anything positive in your life if there’s no discipline applied to it.”

You are so eager and excited to finally get what you want and to finish the goal that you’ve set – you ended up taking unnecessary risks which are definitely uncalculated. 

Do not take all things easily and quickly. Yes, the higher the risk, the higher the return – this thing is usually applied when it comes to business – your life is not a business. Everything has their own time to be ripen and to be picked-up. 

Discipline. Abstinence. Think critically.

Your own self is your own defense mechanism and your own vehicle to drive. These three words will definitely save you from jeopardizing the good things that are yet to come in your life. 

Add them to your good lists of characters as you launch yourself again into this world to go and find your way to achieve your new set of goals. 

You can’t have all things to work together every time. Yet you can have one step at a time to plan, focus and think, in every foot that you’re going to make as you get along your journey. Don’t rush. You have all the time that you need.

In that case, the good things that are yet to come for you and only you, won’t be hindered – the chances to definitely achieve your goals won’t be jeopardized. 

Thank you for reading my work today! I am encouraging you to check out my other works and I hope to hear your thoughts about them. 🙂 I will definitely do the same for you! God bless.