Youth: The Dreamers of Tomorrow 


“The Youth of today’s generation is like a strong bomb shaking the ground, exploding like a colorful fireworks – creating a magical rainbow in the indefinite skies.”


Whenever you hear the word ‘youth’, how you would respond with it?

What comes first to your mind?

What do you feel about it?

Me? Honestly speaking, whenever I hear that word and whenever I think of it, different kinds of things are gradually clouding up my mind as my heart clenches on the ideas stored in there. Yesterday, I’ve watched a news from the television. Personally, I’m not inclined in watching programs in the televisions, but it so happened that I’m in there and there’s the Tv. 

Then a report came and the news flashed on the screen – then I was shaken. What was the news all ’bout? Let me tell you, this will be more personal than I’ve thought. 

The world is spinning continuously as it changes and evolve and the cycle goes on and on.

I want you to think of this: 

How’s the world right now?               How’s the place you’re living in?     How’s the environment around you? How’s your day-to-day living?         How’s your life? –

How…are you? 

Have you ever considered yourself as lucky? As blessed? As fulfilled? – you must be. 

Whenever you were born, whatever date you were placed here in this world, a long time ago or just two decades, a decade ago, you must have cherished your life. 

Remember, the world a long time ago is far different from the world where we are living right now. 

Have you ever preferred to be born a long time ago wherein the world is as simple and peaceful as the the opposite of what we have today? 

Or have you been born a long time ago and feel awful and devastated by what you are seeing nowadays in this world? 

You are not alone. 

“There’s no age in being a youth, let your heart and very own existence be filled with such positvity with an undying happiness that resides within you.” 

The news that I’ve watched yesterday was about the war that is happening in Syria and maybe you’ve known about this too. 

I’ve cried, and until now, my heart is still aching because of the thoughts in my head. 

A 5 year-old boy has been rescued yesterday in the middle of the war and ceaseless firing and bombing in Syria. He was hurt and I don’t know the other detailed parts.

But the moment that I’ve seen the little boy, his body, his face – the blood and his looks overall, I went weak. 

Lots of thoughts flooded up my mind – why? I mean, why are they doing it? What’s the reason for the terrorists to do such things? Well, because of government? Because of money? Fame? Security? Stability? Don’t they have hearts? Haven’t they have thought that they are already affecting innocent lives and worst, killing lives.

I’ve just realized deeper and deeper how this world has changed a lot. Youth is the hope of our nations. But there goes the terrorists and the systems that were being laid, unseen by us, greatly affecting and will gradually destroy us – children, youth and more percentage of the population in our world. 

When there are wars, the first thing that was being affected are the lives of the children, the youth – the future of our world. 

I feel so pained, thinking how the badness in this world stole the ignorance, the innocence and the rights of the youth to be happy and enjoy life as they must be. They must be taught and raised well.

Each life counts. The lives of the world’s youth counts  Your life counts. You are important and essential as you dream and aim high for the betterment of your life and of this world. 

The youth are dreamers of the future.   We must nurture one another as we finish the whole picture.                                 Before the time of our departure comes. 

You only live once, appreciate, love, be compassionate, realize, value and care. 



The Windows to Our Souls

“Your eyes are like two burning fire of balls, shining, flickering and sparkling – like a magnificent fireworks launched into the night skies that lightens up the spread sheet of darkness.”

I’ve opened two gifts today – my eyes. 

When you smile, what’s the first thing that goes along with your lips? – your eyes.

Every individual has their unique pair of eyes. Yours maybe brown, black, hazel brown, green, gray or blue – they comes from different colors and types. Your eyes may also be rounded, almond and narrow in size. You may be farsighted or nearsighted and maybe you have astigmatism with your visions, your visions may also be blurred or sharp.

But, what if your eyes has been damaged by the environmental factors around you and it causes your visions to become blurry or worst – blindness will occur. 

Physically, if your eyes are of poor health, your visions will be blurry and if your eyes has lost it’s main and primary function – it means, living your entire life with blackness, the blackness that described the only thing that you can see. Some are lucky enough to get or have their visions back by the use of the high technology nowadays and also because of the same reason, some are responsible enough to not let their visions be gone away and suffered.

In a more deeper concept, eyes also plays a significant part in our social and personal lives. 

“Eyes are said to be the windows towards your soul. Windows that are yours to open so that others may see through you and you can keep them close so that you will remain guarded and unseen.”

You can figured out what’s the truth and what’s a lie through looking into the eyes of the person you are talking with. The words can fool you – but the eyes will always speak the truth.

Happiness can really be seen through a person’s eyes. What a beautiful sight it is – shining brightly and dancing along the joyness of you. 

But be careful, some people are already masters when it comes to faking, covering and wearing a facade. We don’t know the exact reasons why they are doing such things. 

But maybe they have been like that as their defense mechanism. Maybe they are just protecting themselves to be hurt by the people around them and by whatever kind of situation the world have thrown or might throw upon them. Maybe, they have been hurt once and they had a hard time accepting and moving on with their lives. Maybe it’s regrets and unforgettable pain that made them close the windows to their souls.

But remember, you are a human – we are all humans. We live, we laugh, we cry, we’re frightened and we learned. Don’t let the world make you hard. 

Let your eyes be open and let your soul be lighten up again by the goodness that this world might still offer to you. Don’t loose hope. Open the windows, let the lights shine down upon you and penetrate deep within your soul. 

“You can shut your eyes off, but your heart will remain beating as it feel and breathe.”

Be nice, so that you won’t pay some price.                                                               Roll the dice of life but always think thrice.                                                         Don’t let your eyes be as cold as an ice.


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Moon that makes us bloom

“The moon is like a magic for our soul that bring sparks to our senses”

Have you ever experienced waking up at the middle of the night while your face is being struck by the light that shining down from the moon? 

Have you already waited for a certain hour late at night when the moon will be exactly right outside your window, visiting you, inviting you with warm and serenity?

Are you a poet who finds their inspiration and motivation while looking up at the night skies and gazing at the moon?

Or at you an introvert and an empath wherein you feel like the moon is somewhat giving you the perfect peace that you need to be able to recharge and look deeper into yourself and to analyze as to what situation you were in with your life. And as an empath wherein your strong connection to the world – your heart, your compassion and the ever strong feelings that drives you to come up with the realizations and deeper understanding to the conformities and the truths residing in this world. It’s as if you are being fired up, your heart is aflame and being energized by the aura coming from the moon. 

“As the Earth revolves around the Sun – the Moon does its rotation around the Earth.”

There are different unique things, ideas and thoughts that are being associated to the Sun, the Earth and of course – to the Moon. But among all of them all, the moon does have it’s mysterious and inviting aura, image and metaphor that will really make you inclined to it. 

In the dark night skies,                   together with the stars that were scattered around,                                         the moon is an essential,                         that explains why we’re logical.

Can you imagine how many ideas, thoughts and illustrations are being done and made possible by the ecstatic feeling that the moon is always giving to each of us?

With a hectic schedule that we have to be in for the entire daytime, running errands, accomplishing tasks and polishing acts, it’s good that we have our night time that wherein we can relax, have a good time and have a rest for all the troubles of the day – and it’s the moon, together with the stars which looking into you and inviting you in a serene and blissful moment in time. 

In a busy and buzzy world that never sleep, let yourself not be conformed in it’s endless cycle of stress and regrets. Be on your guard always but still, keep that soft spot which resides in you. 

I believe that there’s a child hidden in every man. Keep that child unharmed, unaffected and unstained by your connection to the world. That little child in you will be always be in you – your key to your simplicity and true happiness in this world full of despair. 

Inside your room, lights in or out, sitting or lying down, try to be yourself. Look up and contemplate. 

The moon is waiting for you – inviting you and embracing you. Let yourself bloom and be connected to who you really are – without trying to fit in everyday situation you are encountering.

No one is with you, no one can see you. Be yourself and look deeper, the moon is a gift of Our Great Creator for us to look up and value. It plays a significant part in our everyday lives – like a magic to your soul that give sparks to your senses and awakening you from the dreadful flow of thos world. 

Bloom and don’t be in gloom.               Look up and fly with the balloon.           Our dreams are our heirloom.                 That came from our enchanting moon.


Your carriage full of baggages

We live, we laugh, we weep, we strive – we carry on.

“Pas de problème, I can carry!”

Each of us, individuals who are living in this busy buzzy world are carrying LOTS of baggages in our own carriage.

From the moment that we wake-up in the morning, what do you think comes first on you mind? Haven’t you think about how great it is that you’re still alive and kickin’ and you have a new day to live life? Tell me, does it comes first to your mind? I bet no. It’s not. It doesn’t.

What comes first definitely on your mind is your to do list for the day. As you turned off your alarm, whether on an actual clock or on your smart phone, the usual reaction that you might have is Oh my gosh! I woke up late, gotta be quick now. Move! And for some instance, when you’ve already turned off the alarm yet you still beg for another 5 minutes that will be 10 minutes and later on be more than the minutes  you are expecting, until you realized that there’s no much time left, and you go like this Oh! I overslept! What’s the time now?! Gosh, gosh, gosh! I’ve thought it’s still early, looks like… I’ve just thought and… I’m wrong. What to do now?!

That little yet usual commotion in your everyday morning is not a simple matter to disregard, for that will help to determine your mood for the day – your tires in your own carriage.

Take a look at this. Consider your body as your carriage and all your thoughts, worries, concerns, responsibilities, obligations, commitments and to dos are your baggages. Could you still carry? Could you still breath normally and easily? And as we continue to live, to travel, to move forward, some of your baggages are being pulled out from your carriage and some new things are being carried on by you.

Some people carry all their baggages with them everyday with the thinking that they need to have it all together as they move forward. We’re being so sentimental sometimes and we put more value, significant value in certain things that without our own knowledge is already bad and we doesn’t need them anymore in our journey.

You must learn to let go of the things or the people who you may think that they doesn’t serve you anymore and are already toxic and need to be eliminated as soon as possible or else, it’s you that will suffer.

Each of us does have our own problems that we carry and have to deal with, emotional stress, personal battle with your own self and environmental factors that weaken us – still, we need to stand firm and carry on.

In this world filled with uncertainties, we must all be guarded and cautious. As we get along, living our life, our carriage is our own selves and the baggages are the things and people that we have and we care, as the one who owns the carriage, never let your baggages, the things that you’re carrying with you be damaged for your worth, values, principles and morals are also with them.

Though the chasm is far too wide,       dark clouds are forming above your head, your feet have landed on the dried and lifeless soil,                                                   and it feels like the light is nowhere in sight,                                                         troublesome times like this does really exist as if tons of steel bars were put at your back. But don’t let them get you down. Remeber: After the rain, comes a rainbow. Carry on.

Never let your hope be faint and be gone. Rainbow comes in different colors.Whenever you are having a difficult time, think of it, that rainbow have lots of variations in colors, meaning, there are lots of new, colorful and exciting things that awaits for you!

Carry your good and valuable baggages, keep them safe in your carriage as you launch yourself again.

Carry on.                                                           Be positive.                                                   Keep on moving forward.                               Towards what your heart is truly aiming for.


You’re confused? Take a look at this.

In our everyday lives, we often and usually encounter lots of questions and questionable things. There’s a buzz here and a hush there, a rush there and a lush here. As our world is continually revolving around the sun and rotating on it’s axis,  confusion and being confused is already a part of our day-to-day life living. 

Simple things such as what’s the date today usually make you confused, believe it or not. What comes after the date’s confusion are the things that you supposed to do for that day, yet you’re already messed up figuring out what to do first and hereafter. 

Also, even at your choice of clothing for that day or what today’s generation typically called as OOTD or outfit of the day. Usually, teenagers get confused on thinking what they should wear and have for their clothes on a particular day and if their mood don’t match with the choice of their clothes that they’ve already wore, then they go as bad trip. Remember, confusion can lead to an error in your fashion. So, take your time and choose slowly but surely.

We are now living in a fast-paced and accelerated world wherein almost anything can be seen and be done by the help of technology. For an elder whose age is ranging from 70-90, what do we expect? They were bewildered by almost everything that we have now which they don’t really had and known for decades and centuries ago. Elders, most of them are being left in the end part of the line wherein confusion is lurking around. They were confused and we need to help them adjust and adapt if they want to, gradually and respectively. 
The same goes for our dear parents, we must have more patience in teaching them how this and that gadgets are working. Remember, our dear parents have taught us even to handle our own spoon when we’re still young and ignorant in this world. Understand their part and reflect.
The lists goes on and on and on…

I’m confused, you’re confused – we’re all confused.

– How could be the 20 feet long small intestine fit in my little tummy ?

– Why do I snore when I’m sleeping and others don’t?

– What happened? It’s not supposed to be like that!

– Who are you? I think I have known you already…or maybe not…

– When should I submit the report? Oh no, I’m done. The dates got jumbled on my mind. I get confused, I must have submitted it yesterday and not today!

– What should I do? Should I take this or that? I’m confused! I don’t know the answer! Heeelllpppp…

– Wait, what? Are you serious? Maybe you’re just confused.

Whether it’s about something or someone, whenever you get confused,

Try to expand your vision for you to see the whole picture.

Pause and look back for a moment, to search for a supplement for you to see the development and get out from your bewilderment. 

Confusion is something like a puzzle, don’t get confused by confucian. 

Be confused and amused as we render our lives here on earth. This world have lots of things to offer and will offer. But remember,  never be abused. 


Complicated, twisted knots. 

Some of the people living in a society does enjoy luxuries, fame, and popularity. But behind those things, they were still a person – a creature as we are and we haven’t realized how it really feels to live in a world like that. 

Take a look at this. Simple people, living a normal life, thinking, working, and figuring things out are already experiencing complicated things. Even to untangle the twisted knots of the shoe lace is complicated and putting it up on the shoes again is way more complicated if you’re not good at it. 

For a student, a Mathemathics and Physics equations are  far more complicated than being scolded by their parents due to going home late. 

For teenagers, don’t feel like the whole world is being weighted on your shoulder and take life as nothing whenever you experience a break-up. Don’t think and don’t react so complicated. Remember, life can throw much more weighted complicated things on you as you grow up and you have to be strong and be still. 

For adults, finding a job and doing your very best to remain on your career is also complicated, especially when your passion isn’t there on what you are doing.

For parents, taking care of children, keeping them safe and sound, nights of crying, days of laughing, afternoons of bonding, name it all – parents have experienced anything that is complicated – including the snore of your sleeping husband/wife. 

But be glad. We just have some of many complicated things that exists in this world full of uncertainty. 

Not happy with your plain, boring and normal life? You must hear this out. Rich people who are born with fame, popularity and luxuries are usually the people who doesn’t get enough sleep and cannot even afford to have sleep at night. They can’t do what they want for they were already imprisoned and chained in the world’s systematic flow. They we’re like birds with their healthy and capable wings, yet they were caged inside and in there, they can’t hardly breathe. It’s complicated. Very complicated. While you, you can still do what you want. Eat, drink, travel and live life not just make a living. 

So rejoice! Reflect and realize. Live your life, love your life. Complicated things are always there yet, you’re blessed that you only had some of them. 

<a href=”Complicated“>Complicated

You are you

Even gold, crystals, diamonds and rubies.

They twinkle, shine and glimmer differently.

Just like us  – human beings. 

We ain’t born similar to each other.

Yet, you have your own light that shines so bright.

Let the world to see, how wonderful you are.

For you are you.

You are beautiful, inside and out and

people around you latch on to that. 

You have an eternal flame inside you that never dies. 

Plus a beautiful soul which is full of warmth and kindness. 

Your soul is noble, pure and mature 

For you are you.

You are magical.

Oh yes! You are. 

That one word which describes your life is powerful and depicts everything. 

You are pretty and gorgeous just the way you are.

Lift your head’s up, smile and learn to dance in the rain.

This is your life, live it just the way you like.

Just do the right things and it’ll be fine.

And nothing’s gonna stop you.

For you are you.

Your life is beautiful. 

You love loyalty, hate liars and care about friendship. 

You live life to the fullest for you have an undying charm and charisma inside.

You are exciting, adventurous, fun and full of love, worth living, wonderful and memorable. 

Living a life that many have dreamed of. 

You are you.

You are like a rose.

A symbol of all that is beautiful in this world.

A rose which showers its fragrance upon all the people around you.

You! Oh yes, you are.

The key to your heart is simple yet beautiful.

You need very little in life, but what you need is truly wonderful. 

You need someone who can put a smile on your face and make you laugh. 

For life is all about being happy and smiling.

You! You are you.



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