Fluff: Faux pas (5/30)


Things ain’t always what they seem. 

Just as people, they ain’t always what we deem. 

It’s not always the good things that go beam. 

Sometimes it’s the blunder that goes gleam. 

Committing mistake is inevitable. 

But they must not be saved and become profitable. 

You can mess up and fall down. 

But make sure that you will get up, regrets down. 

The best lessons in life are not from simple experiences. 

Rather, they are from the hardest obstacles. 

You must not be ashamed of the scars that you have accumulated. 

Wear them as your badge, which made your life be cultivated. 

Not everything is in control. 

Some things could go wrong even with your patrol. 

And you have to remember something. 

In this life, you might not get everything in just a snap, but remember that you always have to try every day to achieve one thing.  


Gratitude: Beyond just two words (4/30)


xièxie, Gracias, Shukran, dhanyavaad, Obrigado/Obrigada, Dhonnobad, Spasibo, Arigato, Tànvād/Shukrīā and finally – Thank you.

Those words above are obviously the way on how to say thank you in different languages. I got them from the top 10 most spoken languages in the world – the Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese and Lahnda/Punjabi. These were the actual arrangements of the translation. 

Thank you. In whatever language it derived from, wherever country might it came from, the two-word Thank you, is just an understatement of the big word that I’m about to tell you. 

What is gratitude? 

It could simply mean positive attitude. 

But it know it’s deeper that I need to measure its latitude. 

And its complexity is far enough to be determined by longitude. 

It is deeper than appreciation. 

Which you could just get in any recognition. 

It is a warm feeling you could feel by the ignition. 

That would lead you to a strong connection. 

La vie est belle. Life is beautiful. 

Gratitude is a state of being grateful. 

And it is much more colorful

Than the two word ‘Thank you’ – It is wonderful. 

It is about recognizing the importance. 

Of what brings you pleasure and relief in every stance. 

It reaches out to every hearts in any distance. 

And it will give your life a positive, stronger resistance. 

Being grateful is better than being thankful. Gratitude is beyond just a Thank you. It is not just a positive word. It is more like being grateful, recognizing the significance of the people or things you value, whether you are caught up in a web full of struggles or a summer like vacation in a famous, jaw-dropping resort, really receiving the blessings from God above. 

Remember this, my dear friends, Gratitude knows no bounds. You can always be grateful in any life circumstances you are right now. But your attitude is more likely to dictate how far your gratitude could go. 

Orange: Orange Rage (3/30)


Before, I used to hate the twilight. 

Where the sun would soon come down. 

And the stars would appear for the night. 

Then I would wish for a clown. 
Sunsets were sad. 

Before, for me, they were bad. 

Sometimes they made me mad. 

But old days were gone, and now I am glad. 
Now, I can look up at the sky with a smile. 

Though the orange color extends for a mile. 

Now, they look more like of hope for me. 

Rather than a source of loneliness that I used to see. 

Has been Filthy and has been cleansed.


I am a sinner. 

I may feel bad and filthy, but I know I am better. 

For in God’s hands I found a letter. 

Something privilege that He offer.
I’ve been stubborn and acted out.

My life has been full of doubt. 

But I know I am better, for it’s the Light that I can’t live without. 
Every day is filled with temptations. 

Each of them can shake my reputations, 

If I give in so easily without best calculations. 
As the sun set in the west, I try to ask for forgiveness. 

For my heart is restless,

Until He forgive me, raise me up again and I can’t careless. 
God is merciful and just. 

Every wrongdoing He can forgive so fast.

For His unconditional love never cease for us.
Jesus is the only way, the truth and the Light.  

I believe, trust and have faith in Him, and He is with me to fight. 

With Him and through Him, I know I am better and best for I can reach every height. 
I am thankful for His life that He gave.

I am blessed for my life that He has saved. 

The banner of my love and adoration for Him I will always wave.
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Hi! It’s been a while since I last posted here. Lots of things had happened and I just can’t afford to write with me being so bothered. But here I am now, thankfully. I missed the WordPress world so much. I hope I will be writing more soon. 😃 

Thank you for checking this one out! Also, if it just happened that it’s your first time to came and stumbled on my work and blog, you are so welcome to see some of my other works too. I hope to hear your thoughts. God bless always and take care everyone. 😊